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St Nikolaus church in Eupen
Eupen is a municipality located in the Belgianmarker province of Liègemarker, 15 km from the Germanmarker border (Aachenmarker), from the Dutchmarker border (Maastrichtmarker) and from the nature reservation "High Fensmarker" (Ardennesmarker). The town is also the capital of the Euroregion Meuse-Rhine.

After the end of the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles transferred Eupen and the neighboring municipality of Malmedy to Belgian control.

On 1 January 2006 Eupen had a total population of 18,248 (8,892 males and 9,356 females). The total area is 103.74 km² which gives a population density of 175.90 inhabitants per km².

Eupen is the seat of the Council of the German speaking community in Belgium and the official language in Eupen is German. There is also a small University College in Eupen, the Autonome Hochschule in der deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft, offering bachelor degrees in Education and Nursing.

Eupen is known in Belgium, as a conserative stronghold of the Roman Catholic Church.

Historical sketch

Map of Belgium in 1843: Eupen and the East Cantons were then German.
  • 1213 First documentary mention of Eupen and the St. Nikolaus Chapel in the Duchy of Limburgmarker.
  • 1288 Following the Battle of Worringenmarker the Duchy of Limburg is annexed by John I. of Brabant.
  • 1387 Brabant and Limburg fall to the house of Burgundy. Eupen is burned to the ground during the war against Guelders.
  • 1477 Brabant and Limburg (with Eupen) become an (Austrian) Habsburg possession.
  • 1544 Emperor Charles V. grants Eupen the privilege to conduct two markets per year.
  • 1555 Brabant and Limburg (with Eupen) become a Spanish-Habsburg possession.
  • 1565 First mention of Protestantism in Eupen.
  • 1582 Eupen is burned down by Dutch troops.
  • 1635 The plague devastates the town's population.
  • 1648 Eupen obtains its own court of law.
  • 1674 Eupen obtains city rights.
  • 1680 Introduction of textile manufacture.
  • 1713 With the Treaty of Utrecht Brabant and Limburg (with Eupen) revert to the Austrian Habsburgs.
  • 1794 Eupen is annexed by Revolutionary France and becomes part of the d√©partement Ourthemarker, pr√©fecture Li√®gemarker, sous-pr√©fecture Malmedymarker.
  • 1815 Following the Congress of Vienna, Eupen becomes part of Prussia's Rhine Provincemarker.
  • 1870 Eupen becomes part of German Empire and popular Spa
  • 1919 Treaty of Versailles transfers Eupen to Belgium.
  • 1920's in Eupen forms extreme right groups in style of Nazi party
  • 1939 The Third Reich invade Belgium, Eupen become part of Third Reich
  • 1940 Eupen declared itself "Free from Jews" the entire Eupen Jewish population dies in concentration camps
  • 1944 the US army occupied Eupen on way to Third Reich
  • 1945 Eupen becomes again part of Belgium, first lawsuit against Euper Nazi because Crime against Jews
  • 1949 the left tower of St Nikolaus church burns down
  • 1952 last lawsuits against Eupern Nazi return from Soviet gulag
  • 1953 the center of the municipalitys is flooded
  • 1970 the German Cultural Community is formt under Belgium first state reform.
  • 1973 the historical center of the municipality is demolish for Parking lots
  • 1976 Fusion of municipalitys Eupen and Kettenis (under protest of population of Kettenis)
  • 1980 the German Cultural Community becomes the German-speaking Community and Eupen its Capital
  • 1999 construction of the shoping mall "ATC"
  • 2001 the Shoping mall "ATC" goes bankrupt
  • 2002 The Spoping mall reopens as "Euper Plaza"
  • 2004 The Walloon regional government settled more and more foreigners in Eupen

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