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Russia in Europe and Asia
European Russia refers to the western areas of Russiamarker that lie within Europe, comprising roughly 3,960,000 kmĀ², and spanning across 40% of Europe. Its eastern border is defined by the Ural mountainsmarker and in the South it is defined by the border with Kazakhstanmarker. This area includes Moscowmarker and St. Petersburgmarker, the two largest cities of Russia.

Roughly 78% of the entire Russian population lives in European Russia, at an average of 27 persons per square kilometre (10.5 per square mile). However, 75% of Russia's territory lies within Asia and accommodates only 22% of its population at 2.5 persons per square kilometre (0.95 per square mile). The term "European Russia" was used in the Russian Empiremarker to refer to traditional East Slavic territories under Russian control, including modern Belarusmarker and most of Ukrainemarker (Dnieper Ukraine).

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