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E 6 is the designation for the main north-south road in Norwaymarker, and the west coast of Swedenmarker, running from the southern tip of Swedenmarker, at Trelleborgmarker, into Norway and through almost all of the country north to Finnmarkmarker. The route ends close to the Norwegian border with Russiamarker. Its length is .

This road was called E 6 in the old "E" road system before 1985 and previously continued to Romemarker. It was given the number E 47 (but not signposted) in the new system on most of the Scandinavian part (HelsingborgmarkerOlderfjord), and E 6 only for the northernmost (from Olderfjord in Finnmarkmarker). After a political negotiation all of the Scandinavian part was given the number E 6 also in the new system which was introduced in Scandinavia 1992.

From south to north, E 6 follows the route Trelleborgmarker, Malmömarker, Helsingborgmarker, Halmstadmarker, Gothenburgmarker, Svinesundmarker in Sweden, then crossing the border into Norway, where the road goes through Sarpsborgmarker, Mossmarker, Oslomarker, Hamarmarker, Lillehammermarker, Dombåsmarker, Oppdalmarker, Melhusmarker, Trondheimmarker, Stjørdalmarker, Steinkjermarker, Grongmarker, Mosjøenmarker, Mo i Ranamarker, Saltdalmarker, Fauskemarker, then further up to Hamarøymarker with a ferry from Bognes to Skarberget then on via Narvikmarker, Setermoenmarker, Nordkjosbotnmarker, Skibotnmarker, Altamarker, Olderfjord, Lakselv, Karasjokmarker, Varangerbotnmarker, and Kirkenesmarker, where the road terminates just east of the town center.

The road E 6 is a 2+2 lane motorway from outside Trelleborg to north of Uddevalla. It is also a 2+2 lane motorway from Strömstadmarker to Dalmarker, 50 km north of Oslo. Some stretches further north also has four lanes or motorway standard. According to plans it will be motorway all the way from Trelleborg to Kolomoen south of Hamarmarker in 2013, about 700 km. The rest of the road is ordinary road, usually 6-10 m wide. Some parts in the extreme north of Norway are less than wide, making it very tight when heavy vehicles meet. It is also often very curvy, at least on the northern half, north of Trondheim.The road E 6 passes over treeless mountain passes in a few places in Norway. In the winter the weather conditions often can be so rough that the road must be closed temporarily.

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