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Evacuate the Dancefloor is the third studio album released by German dance act Cascada. It was released in the United Kingdom on July 6, 2009, a week after the lead single "Evacuate the Dancefloor".

Evolution of their dance music

With the release of their first single "Evacuate the Dancefloor", people heard their sound change toward modern electropop and dance. Cascada's lead singer Natalie Horler explained that "You do evolve and progress and we're very proud of what's come of it." trying to distance themselves from Lady Gaga's electropop sound. Previews of the album began to appear on YouTube on June 23, 2009. The lead single, Evacuate the Dancefloor, features a variety of synthesizers. Different basslines and new instrument sounds contrast to the traditional style of Cascada of which was the only styling used in previous songs.

"Fever" for instance features a standard dance music beat with electropop synths, also similar to the house genre of Benny Benassi and David Guetta, and is also the only song on the albums that has profanity. "Ready Or Not" is a monumental throbathon that's a throwback to the cheesy floor-fillers of the 90s eurodance. "Hold On", "Dangerous" and "Everytime I Hear Your Name" are classy eurodance anthems with pulsating beats, swirling synths and vocoder effects. "Breathless" mimics Kelly Clarkson's pop-rock sound with pulsating synths and the drum beats of "Evacuate the Dancefloor".

Critical reception

Evacuate the Dancefloor received mixed reviews. Billboard Magazine was in favor of the album claiming "it repeats that single's formula: combining Horler's teen-bop vocals with a walloping, turbo-charged kick drum that could fit in a warehouse rave. They favored songs like "Everytime I Hear Your Name", "What About Me", "Ready or Not" and "Fever". Digital Spy found the album altogether bleak stating "Horler shows all the conviction of a session singer trilling her way through a demo while her mind focuses in on the pay cheque".CD Kritik reviews were in favor of the album saying "it offers no surprises, but impresses with its lush pop production." "All of the following numbers are consistently danceable and genuine bad-mood-killer." "The producers have done the best job. By listening to [Horler's] desire for perfection, the songs are structured and powerfully made." David Jeffries of Allmusic favored the album, saying "Less dreamy and more thumping, the sound here isn't that far from Lady GaGa or Katy Perry's material, but with lyrics that are generally positive and lead singer Natalie Horler remaining effervescent as ever, fans will immediately be able to identify these tracks as the floor-filling act they love." HMV: Although the album comprises of different genres of music compared to the previous albums 'Everytime We Touch' and 'Perfect Day' including House and R'n'B, it does promise fans that the "usual" Cascada anthems undertone is still present in full force.According to Canadian magazine YouThink, the album "captures a whole new audience and captivates the dance nation." They praised 'Fever' and favored 'Everytime I Hear Your Name'.


"Evacuate the Dancefloor"
"Evacuate the Dancefloor" was released as the album's first single commercially in Irelandmarker on June 15, 2009 and in the United Kingdom on June 29, 2009 by All Around the World. On July 5, 2009 debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart. The song has also peaked at number two in Irelandmarker and New Zealandmarker. The song was released by Cascada's American record label Robbins Entertainment on July 21, 2009.

"Fever" was the abums second single in Germany on October 9, 2009, also in the Netherlands. The song will serve as the third UK single from the album. It has so far peaked at number thirty-one in Germany and thirty-eight in Austria and the Netherlands.

"Dangerous" was the second single release in the UK and Ireland on October 12th, 2009 and peaked at number sixty-seven in the UK.


On May 28, an album launch party was held in London, where Natalie Horler performed the "Evacuate the Dancefloor" and along with "Breathless", "Draw the Line" and "Dangerous". "Dangerous" has the typical hands-up "Cascada style", while "Breathless" has a style more similar to that of Kelly Clarkson, and "Draw the Line" is a ballad. Horler will also make appearances in nightclubs across the globe in the next coming months. All appearances will help promote the release of the album Evacuate the Dancefloor. During interviews Horler had stated that her favourite tracks from the album include "Draw The Line", "Breathless", "Fever", "Dangerous" and "Why You Had To Leave".

Track listing



Charts (2009) Peak
Australian Albums Chart 58
Austrian Albums Chart 15
Belgian Albums Chart 66
Canadian Albums Chart 86
Dutch Albums Chart 69
European Albums Chart 27
French Albums Chart 19
German Albums Chart 21
Irish Albums Chart 15
New Zealand Albums Chart 28
Norwegian Albums Chart 17
Swiss Albums Chart 36
UK Albums Chart 8
U.S. Billboard 200 155
U.S. Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums 7

Release history

Region Date Format Label
Ireland July 3, 2009 CD, digital download All Around The World
United Kingdom July 6, 2009 CD, digital download
Germany, Austria, Switzerland July 17, 2009 CD, digital download Zeitgeist, Zooland
Russia July 20, 2009 CD Universal
United States August 18, 2009 CD, digital download Robbins
France September 7, 2009 CD, digital download Universal
Canada September 15, 2009 CD, digital download Awesome, Robbins
Australia September 25, 2009 CD, digital download Universal
Netherlands September 21, 2009 Digital download Cloud 9 Dance
September 28, 2009 CD Armada
Japan October 21, 2009 CD, digital download Pony Canyon


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