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Exeter is a borough constituency represented in the House of Commonsmarker of the Parliament of the United Kingdommarker. It elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election.

It has been represented since 1997 by Labour's Ben Bradshaw, the Culture Secretary.


The constituency covers the city of Exetermarker in Devonmarker. It has a high student population centred around the University of Exetermarker but is otherwise fairly affluent and middle-class.

Members of Parliament

Pre 1660


Two members

Year First member First party Second member Second party
1660 John Maynard Thomas Bampfield
1661 Sir James Smyth Robert Walker
1673 Thomas Walker
1679 William Glyde Malachi Pyne
1681 Sir Thomas Carew Thomas Walker
1685 James Walker Edward Seymour Tory
Jan 1689 Henry Pollexfen
Jun 1689 Christopher Bale
1695 Edward Seyward Sir Joseph Tily
1698 Sir Edward Seymour Tory Sir Bartholomew Shower
1702 John Snell Tory
Apr 1708 John Harris
May 1708 Nicholas Wood
1710 Sir Coplestone Bampfylde Tory John Snell Tory
1713 John Rolle Francis Drewe
1715 John Bampfylde
1722 John Rolle
1727 Samuel Molyneux
1728 John Belfield
1734 John King Thomas Balle
1735 Sir Henry Northcote
1741 Humphrey Sydenham
1743 Sir Richard Bampfylde, Bt
1747 John Tuckfield
1754 John Rolle Walter
1767 William Spicer
1768 John Buller
1774 Sir Charles Warwick Bampfylde
1776 John Baring
1790 James Buller
1796 Sir Charles Warwick Bampfylde
1802 James Buller
1812 William Courtenay
1818 Robert William Newman
Feb 1826 Samuel Trehawke Kekewich
Jun 1826 Lewis William Buck
1830 James Wentworth Buller
1832 Edward Divett
1835 Sir William Webb Follett
1845 Sir John Thomas Buller Duckworth, Bt
1845 Richard Sommers Gard
1864 Viscount Courtenay
1865 John Coleridge Liberal
1868 Edgar Alfred Bowring
1873 Arthur Mills
1874 John George Johnson
1880 Edward Johnson Henry Northcote Conservative

1885 on

One member
Election Member Party
1885 Henry Northcote Conservative
1899 by-election Sir Edgar Vincent Conservative
1906 Sir George Kekewich Liberal
January 1910 Henry Duke Conservative
December 1910 Harold St Maur Liberal
1911 Henry Duke Conservative
1918 Sir Robert Newman Conservative
1929 Independent
1931 Arthur Conrad Reed Conservative
1945 John Cyril Maude Conservative
1951 Sir Rolf Dudley-Williams, Bt Conservative
1966 Gwyneth Dunwoody Labour
1970 Sir John Hannam Conservative
1997 Ben Bradshaw Labour

Election results


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