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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions is a feature-length dystopia movie, written and directed by Carlos Atanes and released in 2004.


France, sometime in the near future. The Sisterhood of Metacontrol governs Europe. Angeline, an exemplary and irreproachable citizen has just joined the Order... But her relationship with a special man, Nono, will make her question profoundly the principles of the Doctrine.


FAQ is a rarity in Spanish cinematography, because it is an independent film made in a country that produces almost no science-fiction. FAQ describes a future world entirely ruled by a totalitarian government, following the footsteps of other famous dystopies such as Nineteen Eighty-Four or THX 1138. But, in this case, the totalitarian government is a matriarchy, which has achieved expanding the current "politically correct" discourse up to its paroxysm. This point turns FAQ into a very contemporary and disturbing overview of our present reality's hidden menaces.

After several shortfilms (the most outrageous are collected into the Anthology CODEX ATANICUS) and before PROXIMA Carlos Atanes filmed his first feature-film FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions along one year plus three years post-producing it. It was released in 2004 at the Girona International Film Festival, the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Fantasy Film Festival and the Spanish Science Fiction Convention.

FAQ was produced with no help from distributors nor institutions, and did a tortuous long voyage through film festivals until it achieved to be one of the Spanish feature films most selected by film festivals around the world in 2005. It didn’t have enough to attract the interest from Spanish distributors. After good reviews from fantasy and indy film websites, and the acknowledgement from Athens and Fantasporto film festivals, an enterprise from New York (S.R.S. Cinema, L.L.C.) assumed its distribution. Finally FAQ DVD was released in August 2007 for worldwide audience.

Cast and roles include

  • Xavier Tort - Nono
  • Anne-Céline Auche - Angeline
  • Manuel Solàs - Head Insurgent
  • Raúl Mena - Apprentice Insurgent
  • Marta Timón - Metacontrol Inspector
  • Antonio Vladimir - Method actor
  • Neus Bernaus - Adviser to Number 3
  • Anna Diogène - Number 3
  • Neus Suñé - The surgeon
  • Xavier Tor Sanz - The butler


  • 7th International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers, (Athensmarker): BEST FEATURE FILM AWARD
  • 26th Fantasporto - Porto International Film Festival, (Portomarker): NOMINATED for European Award MÉLIÈS D'ARGENT

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