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Fairytales is the debut studio album by the Norwegianmarker artist Alexander Rybak. It was released in Norway and most of Europe on May 29, 2009 (see release history). Most of the songs on the album are written and/or composed by Rybak himself.

The first single of this album is Rybak's "Fairytale", the winning song from the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. His entry broke the previous record of 292 in the festival and achieved a total of 387 points. All the participating countries (naturally excluding Norway) voted for the song.

Rybak wrote English lyrics for one Russian and one Norwegian song, for the album. The chorus in the song "Abandoned" (track #7), uses music by Kirill Moltchanov, from the theme from the 1968 Russian film Доживем до понедельника (en. We'll Live Till Monday). The song "If You Were Gone" (track #6), is an English version of the Norwegian song "Vårsøg", with music by Henning Sommerro.

Track listing

Bonus track

Bonus track

Bonus track

Bonus track

Winter Fairytales

In Russia there was a new special Winter Edition released:

Track listing:



1. CD:Same songs as Standard-Edition

2. DVD:



Recording and production staff
  • Amir Aly - producer (track #1, #5, #6), mixing (#1, #5, #6)
  • Björn Engelmann - mastering
  • Henrik Wikström - producer (#5), mixing (#5)
  • Kim Edward Bergseth - producer (#2, #3, #4, #7, #8)
  • Ulf Ø. W. Holand - mixing (#2, #3, #4, #7, #8)

Album artwork

Release history

Region Date Label Format
Armeniamarker May 29, 2009 Universal CD
Austriamarker EMI CD
Azerbaijanmarker Universal CD
Belarusmarker Universal CD
Belgiummarker V2/Universal CD
Denmarkmarker EMI CD; Digital download
Finlandmarker EMI CD; Digital download
Germanymarker EMI CD; Digital download
Kazakhstanmarker Universal CD
Kyrgyzstanmarker Universal CD
Luxembourgmarker V2/Universal CD
Netherlandsmarker V2/Universal CD
Norwaymarker EMI CD; Digital download
Russiamarker Universal CD
Switzerlandmarker EMI CD
Tajikistanmarker Universal CD
Turkmenistanmarker Universal CD
Uzbekistanmarker Universal CD
Ukrainemarker Universal CD
Cyprusmarker June 2, 2009 Universal CD
Greecemarker Universal CD
Swedenmarker June 3, 2009 Lionheart CD
Estoniamarker June 4, 2009 CD
United Kingdommarker June 15, 2009 EMI CD
Francemarker August 17, 2009 M6 Interactions CD
Polandmarker August 21, 2009 Universal CD


Chart (2009) Peak

Certification Sales
Austrian Albums Chartmarker 46
French Albums Chartmarker 21
Belgian Albums Chart 13
Belgian Albums Chart 62
Cyprus International Albums Chartmarker 9
Dutch Albums Chart 29
Danish Albums Chart 15
Finnish Albums Chartmarker 4
Irish Albums Chart 91
German Albums Chart 16
Norwegian Albums Chart 1 3x Platinum 90,000
Polish Albums Chart 7
Russian Albums Chartmarker 1 2x Platinum 50,000
Swedish Albums Chart 2 Gold 20,000
Swiss Albums Chartmarker 65
European Top 100 Albums 18

Critical Reception

On May 27, 2009 Norway's biggest newspaper Verdens Gang was the first to review the album giving it top score, 6 out of 6. "Alexander Rybak has not only become a star in no time, he deserves the status as well", the paper said. On the same day it was revealed that the album had been leaked illegally on the net. Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet was less enthused. "Rybak is seducing, but not entirely convincing" their critic stated, giving it 4 out of 6 points. Aftenposten gave it 5 out of 6 stars, calling Rybak "a complete artist." Swedishmarker newspaper Aftonbladet, however, caused a stir by giving the record merely 1 star and hurling epithets like "violin hobbit" and "smurf hits" at the artist. TV2 in Norway gave the album 4 out of 6 stars, stating that Rybak was "no one-hit-wonder at all". NRKmarker gave Rybak a good review saying that Rybak was "a good pop composer." Dagsavisen gave the record 5 points out of 6, exclaiming "the fairy tale continues!" The radio channel P4 Radio Hele Norge gave the album a rather poor review. Calling it a record for "13 year old girls and Eurovision enthusiasts" it got 2 stars. Bergensavisenmarker was impressed by the record, especially by the album's "personal style", and gave it 5 stars.


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