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Fang ( in English) is an African language spoken by the Fang people. It is related to the Bulu and Ewondo languages of southern Cameroonmarker. Fang is spoken in northern Gabonmarker, southern Cameroon and Equatorial Guineamarker.

There are many different variants of Fang in Gabon and Cameroon. Key words for the Oyemmarker area of northern Gabon include:

  • Hello (for one person) = M'bolo
  • Hello (for many people) = M'bolani
  • Response = Am'bolo; Am'bolani
  • How are you? = Y'o num vah?
  • response = M'a num vah
  • Where are you going = Wa kuh vay?
  • I'm going home = Ma kuh Andah
  • I'm going to school = Ma ke see-kolo
  • I'm going for a walk = Ma ke ma woolou
  • I'm hungry =
  • I'm sick = Ma kwan
  • I understand French = Ma wok Flacci
  • I don't understand Fang = Ma wok ki Fang
  • I don't speak Fang = Ma kobe ki Fang
  • What did you say = Wa dzon ah dzeh?
  • I said... = Ma dzon ah...
  • Holy cow! = A tara dzam!
  • I want to eat = Ma cuma adji
  • Thank you = Akiba

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