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Feasting on Asphalt is a television series starring Alton Brown of the Food Network programs Good Eats and Iron Chef America.

Brown's third series, Feasting on Asphalt explores "road food" (eating establishments which cater to travelers) in the historical and present-day United Statesmarker, with an emphasis on unique restaurants and regional cuisine. In the first 2 seasons, Brown and his crew seek "good eats" across the country, via Brown's BMW motorcycle. "As far as I’m concerned, there’s no better way to experience the road than from the back of a bike," says Brown. During the 3rd season Brown trades the motocycle for a boat to island hop throughout the Caribbean with a similar mission.

Season 1

Season 1 consisted of four episodes, initially broadcast July 29, August 5, August 12, and August 19, 2006 (Shot Spring/Summer '06). Brown traveled from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and sampled food along his travel route. The episodes included segments documenting famous journeys and travelers (from the Odyssey to the Crusades, to Lewis and Clark, and Jack Kerouac), and interviews with many of the restaurant owners and patrons he met en route.

Brown suffered a motorcycle crash during the shooting of the Nevada segment, injuring his right clavicle. This injury was caught on camera and was shown in episode 4.

Brown began his trip in Mount Pleasant, SCmarker, then wound his way through Georgiamarker, South Carolinamarker, North Carolinamarker, Tennesseemarker, Kentuckymarker, Indianamarker, Missourimarker, Kansasmarker, Coloradomarker, Utahmarker, Arizonamarker, Nevadamarker and then to the Californiamarker coast.

Episode 1

Title: "The South Shall Fry Again"

Places Visited:
Place Coordinates Establishment Notes
Mount Pleasant, SCmarker Jack's Cosmic Dogs This was the only (open) food establishment Alton Brown admits to being familiar with prior to the roadtrip
Mount Pleasant, SCmarker Pitt Street Pharmacy Soda Jerk
Savannah, GAmarker Streamliner Diner
Gilsonville, SC not given Robert Lee Smalls Store Pickled Pig's Feet
Place and establishment identified on, but not on the broadcast.
Washington, GAmarker Bones Biscuit-bar & Grill
Toccoa, GAmarker The Chicken Basket Closed
Toccoa, GA Shirley's Soul Food Cafe
Spartanburg, SCmarker Hobo Hollar Produce
Charlotte, NCmarker 21 South Drive-In

Episode 2

Title: "I Smell Pork"

Places Visited:
Place Coordinates Establishment Notes
Cashiers, NCmarker Carolina Smokehouse
Sunbright, TNmarker Lou's Cafe
Corbin, KYmarker Sanders Cafe Original Colonel Sanders
Bowling Green, KYmarker Duncan Hines' Home
Bowling Green, KY Smokey Pig BBQ
Evansville, INmarker Greyhound Bus Station Vending machines
Evansville, IN YWCA Tea Room
Evansville-New Harmony Road, IN Hilltop Inn Brain Sandwich, Squirrel Burgoo
St. Louis, MOmarker Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

Episode 3

Title: "High Plains Feaster"

Places Visited:
Place Coordinates Establishment Notes
Saint Louis, MOmarker Grounds, 1904 World's Fair
Weaubleau, MOmarker Anonymous tourist court
Florence, KSmarker Spring Fling event Brisket BBQ
Florence, KSmarker Harvey house
La Junta, COmarker Former Woolworth's lunch counter closed
La Junta, COmarker Copper Kitchen Cafe
Pikes Peak, COmarker Brown's campstove on Pikes Peak summit Coffee at 14,000 feet, brewed with Pikes Peak snow
Mancos, COmarker Ted's Taco frybread
Mexican Hat, UTmarker Mexican Hat Lodge

Episode 4

Title: "California or Bust"

Places Visited:
Place Coordinates Establishment Notes
Monument Valley, UTmarker not given Linda and Woody's RV hash browns, made using "Essence of Emeril" (which Alton points out "doesn't actually smell like Emeril")
Kayenta, AZmarker not given Linda W.'s house mutton stew, fry bread, intestine, stomach fat, blue cornmeal mush, wild pine nuts, Navajo tea, Navajo tacos
Indian Springs, NVmarker anonymous gravel road Alton's motorcycle mishap, he traveled by car from this moment on
Las Vegas, NVmarker not given Curly Q Camp chuck wagon re-enactment; due to Alton's injuries from above incident he was unable to attend although remainder of crew did
Rialto, CAmarker Wigwam Motel hardtack, homemade by Alton from "an authentic Civil War recipe"
Ontario, CAmarker Cathy and John's semi and Fork in the Road Restaurant muffler beef stew (made with an accessory originally designed for snowmobiles) and meatloaf cooked using plug-in cooker
Hawthorne, CAmarker not given (mobile) lunch wagon breakfast burrito
Hawthorne Continental Gourmet market empanadas
Hawthorne B&R Old Fashion Burgers royal burger (2.5 lb. - pastrami, egg, etc.)
Hawthorne not given Dino's drive-through pastrami hot dog
Hawthorne Fosters Freeze soft serve ice cream with Hawthorne PD Detective (now Hawthorne PD Sergeant and host of The Hungry Detective) Chris Cognac ; supposedly site of inspiration for the Beach Boys song Fun, Fun, Fun but, was actually the A&W hamburger stand on Hawthorne Blvd; ice cream; pepper balls
Hawthorne Acosta's tacos

Note: Coordinates were incorrectly shown in ddmmss format on the program.

Alton Brown is shown wearing a sling for three quarters of this episode after his motorcycle accident and resulting shoulder injury. On the sling is written: "If you can read this odds are I'm about to scream."

Season 2

The second season, Feasting on Asphalt 2 - The River Run, began airing August 4, 2007 on the Food Network. The journey began in Venice, Louisianamarker, with Brown and his crew tracing the Mississippi River north. According to Brown's website, Feasting on Asphalt 2 was filmed during April and May 2007, and consists of six episodes along the Great River Road. Brown deviates from the Great River Road, however, missing several of the cities that travel along the Mississippi River; rather than following the river through towns such as Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and Bemidji, Minnesota, Brown cuts straight over from Crosby, Minnesota to Itasca State Parkmarker in order to reach the source of the Mississippi River.

Episode 1

Title: "A Strong Brown God"

According to Brown, A strong brown god is a term used by T. S. Eliot to describe the Mississippi River.

Places Visited:
Place Coordinates Establishment Notes
Just outside New Orleans, LAmarker Luzianne Tea blends formulated for iced tea. According to Brown, Luzianne kept its employees on full salary during the months the company was closed following Hurricane Katrina.
New Orleans, LA Mulate's Gumbo, grilled alligator, frog legs, bread pudding.
New Orleans, LA Big Fisherman Boiled crawfish, crawfish pies, sausage, stuffed artichoke.
Hammond, LAmarker Kliebert's Gator & Turtle Farm Has been raising alligators since the 1940s. Kliebert's ranching methods are said to have increased the alligator population. The alligators are fed frozen nutria.
Vacherie, LAmarker B&C Seafood Red beans and rice, alligator, gumbo, boudin balls, sausage, potato salad.
La Place, LAmarker Bailey's Andouille Andouille, tasso, hog head cheese.

Episode 2

Title: "Fry Me a River"

Places Visited:
Place Coordinates Establishment Notes
Baton Rouge, LAmarker Uncle Bill's Spices A demonstration on grinding sassafras leaves into filé powder.
Natchez, MSmarker The Donut Shop Drive-thru donut shop.
Natchez, MSmarker Club 601 Spaghetti and fried catfish.
Outside Natchez, MSmarker Natchez State Park Alton cooked breakfast for the crew. Grits with head cheese, picante scrambled eggs, and fried andouille.
Natchez Trace Parkway A brief history of this historic road, while traveling to their next destination.
Lorman, MSmarker Old Country Store Fried chicken, corn bread, and greens. Alton said it was the best fried chicken he'd ever had.
Vicksburg, MSmarker Biedenharn Candy Co. Alton discussed the strategic importance of Vicksburg during the American Civil War, and Biedenharn first bottling Coca-Cola in 1894.
Greenville, MSmarker Jim's Cafe Beef tips on pancakes.

Episode 3

Title: "Soul Food Survivor"

Places Visited:
Place Coordinates Establishment Notes
Greenville, MSmarker Doe's Eat Place Tamale Trail. Preparation of tamales, and theories about their popularity on the Mississippi delta.
Rosedale, MSmarker Joe's White Front Cafe "Koolickles" (pickles made with cherry Kool-Aid), and corn husk tamales.
West Helena-Helena, ARmarker Ray's Dairy Maid Pecan and coconut meringue pies. City erroneously given as Helena, Alaska (AK) on map.
Memphis, TNmarker Pink Palace Museum Replica of the original Piggly Wiggly grocery store.
Memphis, TN Jim Neely's Interstate Bar-B-Que Memphis school of barbecue. Pork skins, baby back ribs, chopped pork on spaghetti, deep fried sausage.
Memphis, TN Wiles-Smith Drugs Cherry milk shakes at a drug store lunch counter. Alton mistook a stuffed porcupine for a nutria.
Memphis, TN Melanie's Soul Food Restaurant Soul food – turkey leg, greens, corn bread, beans, caramel cake.

Episode 4

Title: "Take Me To The River"

Places Visited:
Place Coordinates Establishment Notes
Paducah, KYmarker Alton's barge trip ends here.
Chester, ILmarker Home of Popeye Home of Popeye's creator and Alton’s taste of canned spinach.
Alton, ILmarker Alton IL, Visitor Center Where Alton Brown learns how midwesterners pronounce the name Alton.
Alton, ILmarker Fast Eddie's - Bon Air Off the river road road-house. Built in the 1920s by Anheuser Buschmarker.
Alton, ILmarker Pie Town Best pecan pie north of the Mason-Dixon linemarker according to Alton. Closed Dec 2008.
Saint Louis, MOmarker Donut Drive-In 6525 Chippewa Street - Best donuts Alton has ever consumed
Saint Louis, MOmarker Worlds Fair Donuts 1904 S Vandeventer - Peggy the fastest change maker doesn't have much time for Alton after the camera man gets in her way. Old school donuts.
Saint Louis, MOmarker Saint Louis Hills Donut Shop 6917 Hampton - Where Alton teaches a kid how to drink coffee and does a taste test with cold milk.
Quincy, ILmarker Maid Rite 507 North 12th Street - Home of the Maid-Rite.

Episode 5

Title: "Mid-American Pie"

Places Visited:
Place Coordinates Establishment Notes
Monroe City, MOmarker Civil War battle reenactment Union vs. Confederate coffee taste test. (Note: The GPS coordinates shown are not that close to Monroe City MO.)
Taylor, MOmarker The 18 Wheeler Restaurant The truck stop with the country's biggest breakfast.
Nauvoo, ILmarker Baxter's Vineyard 2010 Parley St - Where Mike the sound guy gets to taste midwestern wine. Alton also tries rhubarb pie with concord grape juice.
Niota, IL Quality Fisheries On IL Hwy 96 - 157 Arbor. River fish that have been hot smoked. Deep fried morel mushrooms.
Muscatine, IAmarker The Clam Shell Valentine Diner number 2111. Also where pearl buttons come from river mollusc shells.
Moline, ILmarker John Deere Visitors Pavilion Deere Prairie Breaker plow
Savanna, ILmarker U-Pick Asparagus Pick your own asparagus outside of Savanna on the Great River Road.
Saint Donatus, IAmarker Kalmes Store Fried chicken livers with seafood cocktail sauce and pork tenderloin sandwiches with Luxembourg noodles. And the special machine to make the noodles.
Balltown, IAmarker Breitbach's Restaurantmarker Iowa's oldest bar. Lots of pies including rhubarb custard.

Episode 6

Title: "Lutefisk Express"

Places Visited:
Place Coordinate Establishment Notes
Alma, WImarker Great Alma Fishing Float "The Mess" with smoked fish and sauerkraut named "Best road breakfast yet" by Alton.
Frontenac, MNmarker Whistle Stop Cafe A good example of a great "Road Joint."
St. Paul, MNmarker Piroshki Russian Hamburgers A Russian Tea House once visited by U2.
Minneapolis, MNmarker Olsen Fish Company Providers of Alton's Lutefisk enjoyed at the end of the show.
St. Paul, MNmarker Mickey's Dining Car Authentic diner food.
St. Paul, MNmarker Unnamed catering company with Soile Anderson Smorgasbord is defined and enjoyed.
Minneapolis, MNmarker Bob's Java Hut Alton gets a tattoo in the shop upstairs.
Crosby, MNmarker The Nordic Inn Nordic theme restaurant built in a converted Methodist Church
Itasca State Parkmarker End of the road, source the Mississippi River.

Season 3

The 3rd season uses the title Feasting on Waves as Brown travels the Caribbean by boat in search of local cuisine with less emphasis on established restaurants and more roadside stands and visits to residents' kitchens.

  • Sugar on Isle One - a visit to Saint Kittsmarker, Brown seeks traditional foods from roadside stands, street vendors, and homes of locals. Dishes explored include a bush tea created from fragrant grasses foraged from the roadside
  • Fungi With Foraging and Fish - a visit to Saint Martinmarker / St Maartenmarker and a lolo stand, brews a local drink called mauby, and helps a local family prepare a boiled fish feast with local ingredients and traditions.
  • Island Thyme
  • Won Love

Motorcycles and gear

Season 1

In the series, Alton Brown is seen riding a 2005 BMW R 1200 RT touring motorcycle, with a number of accessories. He wears a variety of gear including textile jackets or suits made by BMW, Aerostich, and Bates, and Aerostich "Combat Touring" boots. His web site lists his motorcycle and camping gear, much of it procured from Aerostich. His motorcycle was purchased used from a BMW dealer and has made prior appearances on Good Eats.

Its fate following the accident outside Las Vegas has not been divulged.

Season 2

For Season 2 Alton Brown and his crew rode BMW R 1200 GS adventure touring motorcycles. He is wearing BMW motorcycle apparel. It is unknown whether the R 1200 GS Alton Brown rides is his personal motorcycle, or whether BMW or a dealer provided it and the others for use during show production. However, it or one like it was present at a book signing in Atlanta, Georgia in mid-2008.


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