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Final Destination 2 is a 2003 supernatural thriller, and sequel to Final Destination (2000). Directed by David R. Ellis starring A. J. Cook as Kimberly Corman, and Ali Larter as Clear Rivers. The film is set in White Plainsmarker, New Yorkmarker and in the proximity of Greenwood Lake, NYmarker, in 2001, a year after the events of the previous movie and has two returning characters; Clear Rivers and the mortician William Bludworth. Grossing $16,017,141 on its opening weekend in the US, which was a significant portion of its overall profit. It was a minor hit, debuting in its first week at #2 and falling from then onwards. It was followed by Final Destination 3.


The film takes place one year later after the Flight 180 curse from the first film. Kimberly Corman (A. J. Cook) has a premonition of a pile-up in Route 23, killing everyone. In a panic, she stalls her car with her friends Shaina (Sarah Carter), Dano (Alex Rae) & Frankie (Shaun Sipos) inside. This stops teacher Eugene Dix (Terrence C. Carson), mother Nora Carpenter (Lynda Boyd), her son Tim Carpenter (James Kirk), pregnant woman Isabella Hudson (Justina Machado), lottery winner Evan Lewis (David Paetkau), drug addict Rory Peters, rich woman Kat Jennings (Keegan Connor Tracy), and cop Thomas Burke (Michael Landes) from going further to the highway. Kimberly’s premonition turns into a horrific reality while Thomas questions her. A mack truck passes by, almost hitting Kimberly, but kills Shaina, Dano, & Frankie.

At a police station, Thomas asks Kimberly of how she could know that a pile-up was going to happen. They all conclude that Kimberly experienced the same feeling Alex Browning did. The other survivors realize they’re just wasting their time and they all flee off. Later on, Evan is impaled by an escaping ladder through his eye while trying to escape his burning apartment. Thomas believes that Kimberly needs help from the last survivor of Flight 180, Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) (Alex Browning was decapitated by a falling brick), who checks herself inside a mental asylum.

At the mental asylum, Kimberly becomes frustrated after Clear only suggests her to keep herself safe inside the asylum and let her friends die. Later on, Clear decides to help them. Meanwhile, Nora checks if Tim’s alright in a dental hospital. Tim almost died of choking when a plastic fish gets caught in his mouth, only to be helped by a nurse. As they go outside, a pane of glass falls, crushing Tim. Clear then takes Kimberly and Thomas to William Bludworth (Tony Todd), who only tells them that “new life defeats death”. Thomas realizes new life could mean pregnancy, and orders some officers to look for Isabella. As the survivors and Clear gather inside Thomas’ apartment, Eugene accidentally triggers a mousetrap, which knocks a boat that almost kills Clear. Meanwhile, the cops find Isabella. Nora & Eugene leaves by taking the elevator, and Nora was decapitated by the elevator doors after getting her hair caught in the hooks of a set of prosthetic limbs. Scared, Eugene takes Thomas’ gun to shoot himself, only to fail even if the gun is fully loaded.

At the prison, Isabella’s water breaks. As she and the cop leave using Isabella’s white van, the survivors talk about themselves cheating death inside Kat’s Ford Expedition. There; it was revealed that they all wouldn’t be alive if Alex didn’t had his premonition, which causes the other survivors die, saving the second set of survivors from gruesome accidents: Kimberly should have died in a thug fight that killed her mother, but was watching the news about Todd Waggner’s “suicide” in his bathroom; Thomas should have died in a shootout which killed his partner, but was busy cleaning the remains of Billy Hitchcock; Eugene should have died in his classroom after a student brought a knife at school, but was in Mt. Abraham High to replace Ms. Lewton; Rory should have died in an ill-fated theatre, but didn’t continued in going there after seeing Carter Horton being hit by a falling marquee; and Kat should have died in a bed-and-breakfast where a poisonous gas suffocated all customers, but was grossed to see Terry Chaney’s blood on the windshield of the bus she was on. They didn’t notice that they were heading to a log, crashing the car; causing a PVC pipe to fall through Kat’s Expedition. The Gibbons and their son Brian (Noel Fisher) witness this, and Brian helps Kat, who was almost impaled. A newsvan arrives, almost hitting Brian, if Rory didn’t warned him. A fireman uses the Jaws of Life to free Kat, inflating the airbag accidentally and impaling Kat through the pipe. Kat’s cigarette falls, igniting a trail of gasoline heading towards a newsvan. Meanwhile, Eugene was sent to a hospital after having a heart attack. Rory, at a corner, sees Thomas almost hit by a branch. The newsvan explodes, sending a barbed-wired fence to Rory, slicing him into three parts. Clear, Kimberly & Thomas goes to the hospital to find Isabella & Eugene. Meanwhile, Kimberly has a vision of Dr. Kalarjian trying to choke someone. As they arrive, she and Thomas find Isabella with Dr. Kalarjian and her baby safe. They continue rejoicing, just as Kimberly finds out Isabella didn’t mean to die at the pile-up. Meanwhile, Clear finds Eugene’s oxygenated room. As she opens the door, it disconnects a plug, setting off a spark that causes the room to be engulfed by fire. As Kimberly and Thomas realize that Clear & Eugene is dead, Kimberly understands that she must sacrifice herself by driving the van into the lake. As she does this, Thomas saves her. She then wakes up, seeing Dr. Kalarjian trying to revive her.

Weeks later, Thomas & Kimberly celebrate at the Gibbon’s farm. Brian then gets back to the grill for more barbecues. The Gibbons then told Kimberly & Thomas of Brian almost being hit by the newsvan earlier. As the two realizes it’s not over yet, the grill malfunctions, causing it and Brian to explode. The film ends with Brian’s arm landing on his mother's plate.




  1. "Main Title" – 2:48
  2. "Kimberly's Lake Premonition" – 2:03
  3. "Blow-Out" – 1:44
  4. "Coincidence-Kimberly Remembers Mom" – 2:27
  5. "Killer Kayak" – 1:11
  6. "Nora's Turn-Eugene Freaks" – 3:40
  7. "Kimberly Goes to See Clear" – 1:51
  8. "Kimberly Sees Dr. Kalarjan" – 0:47
  9. "Ba Bye Kat & Mustang" – 1:19
  10. "Dad and Kimberly" – 0:45
  11. "Pigeons" – 2:39
  12. "Eugene's Oxygen" – 2:54
  13. "New Life" – 1:59
  14. "2 Left" – 4:21
  15. "We Did It" – 0:40

Songs featured in the motion picture

  • "Dance with Me" - Performed by The Sounds
  • "Rock'n Roll" - Performed by The Sounds
  • "Highway to Hell" - Performed by AC/DC
  • "Jon F. Hennessy" - Performed by FT
  • "Middle of Nowhere" - Performed by The Blank Theory
  • "Vitamin" - Performed by Incubus
  • "I Got You" - Performed by Planet Earth
  • "Rocky Mountain High" - Performed by Pete Snell
  • "Rocky Mountain High" - Performed by Jude Christodal
  • "My Name Is Death" - Performed by Jude Christodal


On its release, Final Destination 2 received generally mixed reviews from critics, earning a 47% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While most praised it for its special effects and inventive death sequences, some dismissed it as being 'an average sequel to an average movie'. Nevertheless, this film topped the Rotten Tomatoes score in terms of the series, with the highest score amongst the four films in the franchise.

The film has landed on many "best car crash/accidents" lists including one by New York Magazine which cited the highway pile-up scene as the greatest car crash in movie history, calling it "the new gold standard for car-related chaos in cinema". Even acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino was quoted as saying that the opening scene was "a magnificent car action piece". The highway pile up was nominated for "Best Action Sequence" at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards.


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