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Football in Thailand is organized by Football Association of Thailand (FAT).

Football is the most famous sport in Thailandmarker. Although the professional football leagues are new to Thai people, football was introduced to Thailand as far back as 1897. Many Thais also watch football on local and paid-cable TV. Many matches, especially those in the English FA Premier League can be watched free on local channels. Thai channels broadcast every match of the 2006 World Cup.

In 2007, Thailand co-hosted the Asian Cup 2007 with three other countries. This was the second time the event had been held in Thailand, the first being in 1972.


Football was introduced into Thailand in 1897. In 1916, King Vajiravudh founded "The Football Association of Thailand under Patronage of His Majesty the King." After that the association joined the FIFAmarker in 1925 and AFC in 1957.

Thailand national football team joined Olympic Games first time in Australia in 1956

The first football stadium, Suphachalasai Stadiummarker, was built in 1935. King's Cup, the first football cup was introduced in 1968. And then two years later, Queen's Cup, a national cup competition, started in 1970.

Thai football competitions

Leagues and tournaments

League competitions in Thailand include :



For promotion to Division 2:

  • Football Royal Cup - (Division 3 A) For the general teams.
    • Khǒr Royal Cup ( ) - Division 3 - 1 A - The top two teams are promoted into Division 2.
    • Khor Royal Cup ( ) - Division 3 - 2 A
    • Ngor Royal Cup ( ) - Division 3 - 3 A

  • Provincial League - (Division 3 B) For provincial teams around the country. This competition is organized by the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT). It's divide to 5 regional consist of Centralmarker, Easternmarker, Northernmarker, Northeastern marker, Southern. The winners and the runner-ups from each regions will play in SAT Championship playoffs in the tournament at the end of a season. The top two teams are promoted into the Division 2.

(See also: Thai football league system for the additional detail about league system.)

Cup competitions

  • FA Cup - an annual match of football clubs in Thailand.
  • Queen's Cup - an annual national football cup competition.
  • Kor Royal Cup ( ) - an annual match between the champions and the runner-ups of the Premier League
  • King's Cup - an annual international football competition for national teams.

Other famous competitions


History of events in Thai football

Year Important Events
  • Thai Farmers Bank win the Asian Club Championship
  • Thai Farmers Bank win the Afro-Asian Championship
  • Thai Farmers Bank win the Asian Club Championship for the second time
  • The national team win the first ever ASEAN Football Championship
  • 1st professional league season starts, officially known as Johnnie Walker Thailand Soccer League
  • End of season playoffs used to determine the champion
  • The football structure is overhauled to include a new 2nd tier division, the Thailand Division 1 league. The Johnnie Walker Thailand Soccer League was therefore reduced to 12 member clubs
  • Relegation and promotion will be used for the first time between the top flight and 1st division
  • Promotion/Relegation playoffs were used for the 1st time
  • Caltex sponsors the top flight and renames the league Caltex Premier League
  • Rajamangala National Stadium is opened
  • The national team wins the ASEAN Football Championship for the 2nd time
  • The national team wins the King's Cup
  • The Caltex Premier League rebranded GSM Thai League after new sponsorship from Advanced Info Service
  • Promotion/Relegation playoff removed from the calendar
  • The national team wins the ASEAN Football Championship for the 3rd time
  • GSM Thai League reduced to 10 member clubs
  • With no sponsorship, the league is renamed as Thai League
  • The national team wins the King's Cup
  • The national team wins the T&T Cup in Vietnam
  • The Thai League rebranded as the Thailand Premier League
  • Thailand Premier League expanded to 12 member clubs
  • Thaliand joint host the 2007 Asian Cup
  • The national team wins the King's Cup
  • Osotspa enter the AFC Cup, the first Thai team to enter the competition since it started in 2004
  • Thailand Premier League expanded to 16 member clubs
  • The national team win the T&T Cup in Vietnam for the 2nd time
  • Last ever Thailand Division 2 League in it's current guise. To be reformed as the Regional League in 2009
  • Regional League is formed containing 5 divisions of 8 to 12 member clubs. Promotion and relegation to Thai Division 1 is formed
  • Thailand Premier League rebranded as Thai Premier League known locally as TPL
  • Thailand Division 1 League rebranded as TPL Division 1
  • FA Cup and Queen's Cup added back to the domestic calendar
  • Thailand lose automatic berth in the Asian Champions League
  • Super Cup is added to the football calendar, to be played in late December as a curtian raiser for the 2010 campaign

Youth football

Youth football is very popular in Thailand, with several competitions and clubs being active.Bangkok Soccer League is a youth football club organised for children attending international schools in Thailand and provides regualr football for over 500 kids, both Thai and expat.

Thai famous players

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