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Foothill Transit is a joint powers authority of 21 member cities in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys. It operates a fixed-route bus public transit service in the San Gabriel Valley of Greater Los Angeles, Californiamarker.


The impetus for the formation of the transit agency was Los Angeles County Supervisor Pete Schabarum. Schabarum, annoyed at the cutbacks of bus service by the SCRTD, wanted to secede from the larger agency and form his own transit agency. Schabarum, who hated the influence of trade unions, chose to use contractors to operate the service, and Foothill executives made the service essentially strike-proof by insisting that two different companies operate the two bus yards, even if it would cost more in the short term. However, due to bus industry consolidation, First Transit had operated both yards from 2001 to mid-2007. Currently, both Foothill Transit yards are represented by unions (Arcadia by the Amalgamated Transportation Union and Pomona by the Teamsters Union), but past strikes at the agency have been less than successful due to the ability of one yard to operate the other yards' service. In addition, wages are less at Foothill than at other transit operators in the region, thus saving money.

Foothill Transit's board of directors are the only staff employed directly by the agency. All other staff are employed by contractors, and all operations are contracted out. Due to this, Foothill management have to recuse themselves from recommending changes to be made to their contracts, instead deferring to the legal counsel hired by the board. Bus service is operated by First Transit at Pomona and MV Transportation at Arcadia/Irwindale. Management is handled by Veolia. Since August 2007, MV Transportation has operated the Arcadia/Irwindale yard's service.

In 2002, Foothill Transit began purchasing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered buses. By 2011, Foothill Transit will have a 100 percent CNG fleet.

Foothill Transit provides shuttle service to most events at the Rose Bowlmarker from the Parsons Corporation parking lot, located on Walnut St. and Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena.

Foothill Transit also provides park and ride buses to the Hollywood Bowlmarker from El Montemarker, Pasadenamarker, and Arcadiamarker.

Local Routes

  • 178 Puente Hills Mallmarker - El Monte Stationmarker
  • 184 Duarte - Westfield Santa Anita (Monday through Fridays only)
  • 185 Azusa - Puente Hills Mallmarker via West Covina
  • 187 Montclair - Pasadena via Foothill Blvd.
  • 195 Cal Poly Pomonamarker - Pomona Transcentermarker via Phillips Ranch
  • 197 Pomona Transcenter - Montclair Transcenter via Pomona Fairplex
  • 269 El Monte Station - Montebello Town Center via Santa Anita Ave.
  • 272 Duarte - West Covina
  • 274 West Covina - Whittier via Workman Mill Rd.
  • 280 Azusa - Puente Hills Mall via Azusa Ave.
  • 281 Glendora - Puente Hills Mall via West Covina
  • 284 Glendora - West Covina via Covina & San Dimas
  • 285 Puente Hills Mall - La Habra via Colima Rd.
  • 286 Pomona - Brea Mall via Diamond Bar Blvd. & 57 Freeway
  • 289 Puente Hills Mall - Cal Poly Pomona via Walnut
  • 291 La Verne - South Pomona via Garey Ave.
  • 292 Claremont - Pomona (Daily- Mornings and Afternoons only)
  • 480 Montclair - West Covina via 10 Freeway & Mission Blvd.
  • 482 Pomona - El Monte via Diamond Bar & Rowland Heights
  • 486 Cal Poly Pomona - El Monte via Amar Rd.
  • 488 Glendora - El Monte
  • 492 Montclair - El Monte via Arrow Hwy
  • 494 San Dimas - El Monte (Monday through Fridays in the peak direction only)

Express Routes (Monday through Friday Rush Hour)

  • 481 El Monte - Wilshire Center Express via 10/101/110 Freeways & Wilshire Blvd.
  • 690 Montclair - Pasadena Express via 210 Freeway & Foothill Blvd.

Commuter Express Routes (Monday through Friday Rush Hour)

  • 493 Phillips Ranch - Downtown Los Angeles Express via 60/605/10 Freeways 1
  • 497 Chino Transit Center - Downtown Los Angeles Express via 60/605/10 Freeways 2
  • 498 Citrus College - Downtown Los Angeles Express via Grand Ave. & 10 Freeway
  • 499 San Dimas Park & Ride - Los Angeles Express via 57/10 Freeways
  • 699 Montclair - Downtown Los Angeles Express via 10 Freeway

School Supplementary Routes (Mondays through Fridays only 3)

  • 851 Covina - Glendora
  • 852 Pomona TransCenter - Fairplex Drive
  • 853 Copley/Golden Springs - Diamond Ranch High School via Golden Springs Dr.
  • 853 Golden Springs/Diamond Bar - Pomona TransCenter (One trip Monday through Friday afternoons)
  • 854 Copley/Golden Springs - Diamond Ranch High School via Diamond Bar Blvd.
  • 855 Pomona TransCenter - Claremont via Indian Hill Blvd.

1 via Valley Blvd to/from Puente Hills Mall if the 60 Freeway is congested

2 via Valley Blvd to/from Industry Park & Ride if the 60 Freeway is congested

3 Schedules subject to change June 1st - September 1st & December 22nd - January 3rd for Lines 852, 853, 854, and 855

Silver Streak

The Silver Streak is Foothill Transit's bus rapid transit line operating between Montclairmarker and Downtown Los Angelesmarker via the 10 Freeway. The service operates around the clock.

Wireless Internet Access

On June 26, 2006, Foothill Transit installed wireless Internet hubs on six 1200-series Orion V buses (F1208, F1236, F1237, F1258, F1260, and F1262) that were exclusively assigned to Line 699. Downstream bandwidth of 300 kbit/s was available on each bus. The test program was discontinued and wi-fi service was installed on the Silver Streak until it was discontinued there in Late March 2009.


Fares as of January 1, 2008

Cash / Metrocard Fares
Fare Type Regular Senior / Disabled / Medicare
Base Local Fare: $1.00 $0.50

1Silver Streak (Peak) / Line 481 / Line 690: $2.50 $2.50

Silver Streak (Off-Peak): $2.50 $1.25

2Commuter Express: $4.40 $4.40

3Transfers: $0.50 $0.25

Pass Type6 431-Day Pass EZ Transit Pass
Adult Local: $66.00 $70.00

Student Local: $30.00 $70.00

Senior / Disabled / Medicare Local: $20.00 $35.00

Silver Streak / Line 481 / Line 690: $96.00 $124.00 (P3)

5Discount Silver Streak: $48.00 $63.50 (P3)

Commuter Express: $155.00 $160.00 (P5)

  • 1 Peak fares apply on non-holiday weekdays from 4-10am and from 2-8pm.
  • 2 Commuter Express fares apply to Lines 493, 497, 498, 499, and 699. Metrolink Tickets not accepted. Transfers are worth $1.00 toward the full fare.
  • 3 Transfers can be purchased for $0.50 using cash or a TAP card with a cash purse loaded (a TAP card is required either way for Foothill-to-Foothill connections). The transfer is then loaded onto the TAP card and is good for up to two hours. The transfer on the TAP card can also be counted as base fare for any TAP enabled transit agency as well. Paper transfers may be requested for connections to agencies that do not use TAP. They can be counted as base fare for any transit agency to which Foothill Transit connects.
  • 4 A 31-Day Pass' lifespan starts when the pass is first used, not at the beginning of the month, unless the pass was first used at the beginning of the month. For example, if the pass is bought on March 6, but first used on March 12, the expiration date of the pass is April 11 at 11:59pm, 31 days after it was first used.
  • 5 Discount Silver Streak passes can be purchased by students, seniors, the disabled, and Medicare card holders. If the pass is used during peak hours on the Silver Streak, Line 481, or Line 690, the difference must be paid in cash.
  • 6 All passes Foothill Transit passes are now sold on TAP cards only.

Bus Fleet


2002 Orion V buses on Lines 493 and 497 in Downtown Los Angeles.
2005 NABI 40-LFW on Line 486's former Downtown LA/ El Monte Busway stretch.

Year Model Length Width Numbers Fleet Fuel Type Notes
1996-1998 Gillig Phantom 40' 102" F1000-F1063 64 Diesel All units have been retired. Some units are leased to Glendale Beeline, LADOT Commuter Express, and LACMTA. F1013-F1015, F1040-F1045, F1056-F1063 have suburban seating.
2000 Gillig Advantage 40' 102" F1100-F1176 77 Diesel Run from the Irwindale Yard.
2000 Gillig Advantage 29' 96" F1181-F1187 7 Diesel Run from the Irwindale Yard.
2002 Orion V 40' 102" F1200-F1265 66 CNG Suburban seating. Used almost exclusively on Lines 493, 497, 498, 499, and 699. Run from the Pomona Yard. Also used on Lines 852, 853, 854, 855 and on Rose Bowl & Hollywood Bowl services.
2003 Orion V 40' 102" F1300-F1350 51 CNG Run from the Pomona Yard.
2004-2005 NABI 40-LFW 40' 102" F1400-F1474 75 CNG F1400-F1450 run from the Pomona Yard. F1451-F1474 run from the Irwindale Yard.
2006 NABI 40-LFW 40' 102" F1500-F1509 10 CNG Used on the Silver Streak when the 60-BRT's are not in use. Otherwise used almost exclusively on Lines 481 and 690. Run from the Irwindale Yard. Also used on Line 178 and on Lines 187 and 480 after service on Line 690.
2007 NABI 60-BRT 60' 102" F1600-F1629 30 CNG These buses are used exclusively on the Silver Streak, except on weekends. Run from the Irwindale Yard.
2009 NABI 42-BRT 42' 102" F1700-F1729 30 CNG Suburban seating, almost exclusively assigned to Lines 481 and 690 on weekdays, and occasionally on Lines 493, 497, 498, 499, and 699. Exclusively assigned to the Silver Streak on weekends. Run from the Irwindale Yard though operated by Pomona Yard drivers when used on Commuter Express lines. Also used on Line 178 during the mid-day hours and on Line 187 after service on Line 690.

Because Foothill Transit retires most of their buses at the 12-year FTA minimum standard, many of their buses are sold off or leased to other authorities and operate for years afterwards. Notable lessees include Valley Metro , Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Arizona State Universitymarker, Monterey-Salinas Transit, Gold Coast Transit, Glendale Beeline, Santa Cruz Metromarker, Benicia Breeze, and Amtrak California (operated by SFO Airporter).


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