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Forty Five is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running Britishmarker science fiction television series Doctor Who. As the play released at the forty-fifth anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who, it is made of four one-part stories, by different authors, rather than the usual multi-part serial. All episodes will use the Seventh Doctor as played by Sylvester McCoy, Ace played by Sophie Aldred and Hex played by Philip Olivier.

Main Cast

False Gods

by Mark Morris

In the blistering heat of the Egyptianmarker desert Howard Carter and his team search for the lost tombmarker of Userhat, a servant of the god Amun. What they discover sheds new light on the history of the world as we know it.

Order of Simplicity

by Nick Scovell

Dr. Verryman has devoted his life to the advancement of knowledge. When his experiments on a remote planet threaten the entire human race only the Doctor can help - if he puts his mind to it.

  • Jon Glover — Dr Verryman
  • Lucy Adams — Mrs Crisp
  • Benedict Cumberbatch — Thing 2
  • Paul Lincoln — Thing 1

Casualties of War

by Mark Michalowski

Opportunity knocks in postwar London. But when a tea leaf steals from the wrong woman it becomes a race against time to discover the truth. Only some truths are best left untold.

  • Paul Reynolds — Joey Carlisle
  • Linda Marlowe — May
  • Beth Chalmers — Audrey
  • Beth Chalmers — Miss Merchant
  • Andrew Dickens — PC Miller

The Word Lord

by Steven Hall

In a top secret military bunker deep beneath the Antarctic ice a mysterious death threatens peace negotiations and could spell disaster for the inhabitants of Earth. Can the Doctor cross the t's and dot the i's? Or will his efforts get lost in translation?

  • Linda Marlowe — Commander Claire Spencer
  • Paul Reynolds — Nobody No-One
  • Andrew Dickens — Captain James Hurst
  • Paul Lincoln — Private Fenton
  • Beth Chalmers — System


Ace's mother was last in the TV story The Curse of Fenric. Hex's mother was killed by the Forge in Project: Lazarus.

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