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Freiburger FC is a Germanmarker football club based in Freiburgmarker, Baden-W├╝rttembergmarker.


Founded in 1897, this team was for many decades the dominant club in the city. Their early successes included a South German title in their second season and a national championship in 1907. They were also semi-finalists of the Torneo Internazionale Stampa Sportiva, one of the very first international football competitions in the world, in 1908. Those wins would prove to be the apex of their achievement, for while they continued to field respectable sides, they have not since won any significant honours. In 1916, the club managed to win the S├╝dkreis-Liga but the competition was heavily affected by the war and very localised.

The club belonged to, at first, the tier-one Kreisliga S├╝dwest and then the Bezirksliga Baden throughout its existence from 1923 to 1933.

They played mid-table in the Gauliga Baden through the 30's, and after World War II, in the 2nd Oberliga S├╝d. With the formation of the Bundesliga, Germany's professional football league, in 1963, Freiburg found themselves seeded in the tier II Regionalliga S├╝d, while their soon to be up-and-coming cousins, SC Freiburg, were playing Amateurliga S├╝dbaden (III). The FFC slipped to that level for three seasons in 1974-77 before playing their way back to 2.Bundesliga. However the team could not draw support and suffered from poor attendance throughout the following five year period spent in the 2nd division. When they were relegated to Amateur Oberliga Baden-W├╝rttemberg in 1982, only a saving campaign by fans kept the club out of bankruptcy. In the meantime SC Freiburg was playing exciting football and was solidly entrenched in the 2.Bundesliga on their way to the top flight. Since 1994, the FFC plays in the Verbandsliga S├╝dbaden, interrupted by the 1999-2000 season, when the club dropped to the Landesliga for a year.

Continued financial problems forced Freiburger FC to sell its M├Âsle-Stadion (capacity 18,000) and enter into a sharing arrangement with Blau-Wei├č Wiehre: their former stadium was taken up by SC Freiburg as a youth facility.


Recent seasons

Year Division Position
1999-2000 Landesliga S├╝dbaden (VI) ÔćĹ
2000-01 Verbandsliga S├╝dbaden (V) 10th
2001-02 Verbandsliga S├╝dbaden 10th
2002-03 Verbandsliga S├╝dbaden 6th
2003-04 Verbandsliga S├╝dbaden 7th
2004-05 Verbandsliga S├╝dbaden 5th
2005-06 Verbandsliga S├╝dbaden 11th
2006-07 Verbandsliga S├╝dbaden 6th
2007-08 Verbandsliga S├╝dbaden 4th
2008-09 Verbandsliga S├╝dbaden (VI) 13th Ôćô
2009-10 Landesliga S├╝dbaden (VII)


  • Freiburger FC was a founding club of the DFB (Deutscher Fussball Bund or German Football Association) in Leipzigmarker in 1900.

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