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The French Expeditionary Corps ( ), also known as the French Expeditionary Corps in Italy ( ), was an expeditionary force composed of French soldiers that fought in the Italian Campaign during World War II under the command of General Alphonse Juin. He landed in Italy in 1943 with 35,000 soldiers. General Charles de Gaulle wanted the French army to fight in this campaign.

It was composed of 100,000 soldiers by 1944 and 120,000 for the battle of Monte Cassinomarker, and was put under the command of General Mark Clark and his Fifth Army. Its commander was Alphonse Juin, a great tactician, assisted by General Carpentier. The other leaders were mainly General Joseph de Goislard de Monsabert (3rd DIA), General Fran├žois Sevez, General Larminat, General Dody and General Brosset.

During the first battle of Monte Cassino in January 1944, the FEC, on Fifth Army's right flank, took Monte Belvedere and Colle Abate but largely because of lack of reserves being made available, failed to take Monte Cifalco and were forced to halt. In the next two battles, much smaller affairs on a narrow front around Cassino town, the corps was not involved. For the fourth and final battle Fifth Army's front had been compressed towards the coast to allow Eighth Army's XIII Corps and Polish Corps to join the line. During this battle, which took place in May 1944, the Corps attacked into the inhospitable Aurunci Mountains which the Germans had considered impassable by modern infantry. The progress made by the corps and in particular the lightly loaded goumiers, capturing Monte Maio and pushing deep into the Aurunci, threatened the flanks of the German forces on their right in the Liri valley fighting against XIII Corps. The Germans were consequently forced to withdraw allowing Corps XIII to advance up the Liri valley and the Polish corps on the right to occupy the hotly contested heights of Monte Cassino and the abbey on top of it.

The battle for the Gustav Line had been difficult for the FEC. It had been involved in violent combat in mountains.

Then, while Clark entered Romemarker, the FEC attacked the east of the city securing the road to Sienamarker and capturing it. The casualties for the campaign were approximatively 6,000 killed in action, 2,000 missing and 20,000 wounded. The survivors were withdrawn to Africa as they were a good experienced soldiers base for the army B.

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