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Fusion can refer to combining two or more distinct things:
  • Cell fusion, an event in the maturation of cells
  • Melting, a chemistry term for a solid undergoing a phase change into a liquid
  • Gene fusion, a genetic event and molecular biology technique
  • Nuclear fusion, the process by which multiple nuclei join together to form a heavier nucleus
  • Fusion power, power generation using controlled nuclear fusion reactions
  • Fusion , a type of synthetic language
  • Fusion cuisine, the combination of elements of various culinary traditions
  • Spinal fusion, a surgical technique used to combine two or more vertebrae
  • Tooth fusion, the joining of two teeth


Computers and software


  • Dancing Stage Fusion, a music video game by Konami
  • Fusion, a combat technique in Dragon Ball that merges two or more people into a single, more powerful individual
  • Fusion , a 1961 album by Jimmy Giuffre
  • Fusion , there have been several entities in comics named Fusion
  • "Fusion" , a first season episode of Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Fusion , a music genre which combines two or more other genres
  • Fusion (Sven Väth album), a 1998 album by Sven Väth
  • Fusion Cosmetics on the soap opera All My Children
  • Fusion Magazine , a comedy magazine founded and edited by Glenn Beck
  • Fusion Magazine , predecessor to 21st Century Science and Technology magazine
  • Fusion Radio, an Internet radio station broadcasting from the University of Torontomarker
  • Fuzion, a merger of Interlock System and Hero System
  • Guardian , Christian rock band previously known as "Fusion"
  • Jazz fusion or jazz-rock fusion
  • Metroid Fusion, a 2002 Game Boy Advance game


Politics and organisations



  • Cleveland Fusion, a women's American football team in the NWFA
  • Miami Fusion, a professional soccer (football) club located in Fort Lauderdale

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