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The GWF Tag Team Championship was the tag team title in the Global Wrestling Federation in Texasmarker. The title existed from 1991 until 1994, when GWF closed. The title was featured on the promotion's show that aired nationally on ESPN. It is known as the first tag team title that Harlem Heat won.

Title history

In its early days, the GWF pretended on television that it was part of a larger worldwide promotion. In 1991, it was announced that a tag team known as the "English lords" had been injured in a car wreck and that the GWF was organizing a tournament to award the vacated title in Dallas. No such team as the English Lords ever existed.

Wrestlers: Reigns together: Date: Place: Notes:
Steve Simpson & Chris Walker 1 July 27, 1991 Dallas, TXmarker Defeat Scotty Anthony & Rip Rogers in tournament final.
The California Connection

John Tatum & Rod Price
1 November 22, 1991 Dallas, TX Defeat Simpson because Walker left for the World Wrestling Federation.
Bill Irwin & Black Bart 1 December 27, 1991 Dallas, TX
The California Connection

John Tatum & Rod Price
2 January 10, 1992 Dallas, TX
Terry Simms & Scott Putski 1 March 20, 1992 Dallas, TX
Held Up April 17, 1992 Titles held up after match against Gary Young & Steve Dane
The Goodfellows

Gary Young & Steve Dane
1 May 1, 1992 Dallas, TX Win rematch.
Tribal Nation

Mark & Chris Youngblood
1 June 26, 1992 Dallas, TX
The Goodfellows

Gary Young & Steve Dane
2 June 26, 1992 Titles returned.
The Ebony Experience

Booker T & Stevie Ray
1 July 31, 1992 Dallas, TX
The Blackbirds

Iceman Parsons & Action Jackson
1 August 7, 1992 Dallas, TX
The Ebony Experience

Booker T & Stevie Ray
2 September 1992 Dallas, TX
The Rough Riders

Black Bart & Johnny Mantell
1 October 23, 1992 Dallas, TX
Texas Mustangs

Bobby Duncum, Jr. & Johnny Hawk
1 November 27, 1992 Dallas, TX
Bad Breed

Axl & Ian Rotten
1 January 29, 1993 Dallas, TX
Ebony Experience

Booker T & Stevie Ray
3 February 26, 1993 Dallas, TX
Sicilian Stallions

Guido Falcone & Vito Mussolini
1 May 7, 1993 Dallas, TX
Steve Dane & Chaz Taylor 1 September 3, 1993 Dallas, TX Defeated Falcone & Alex Porteau, who substituted for Mussolini.
Black Bart & Johnny Hawk 1 December 25, 1993 Dallas, TX
Fabulous Freebirds

Jimmy Garvin & Terry Gordy
1 June 3, 1994 Dallas, TX
Titles Retired September 21, 1994 GWF closes.

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