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Gail Riplinger (born 1947) is an Americanmarker author and speaker well-known for her support of the King-James-Only movement.


Gail Ann Riplinger (née Ludwig) was born in Columbus, Ohiomarker in 1947 to Wilson and Helen Ludwig.

After high school, Riplinger went on to earn a BA in Interior Design, an MA in Home Economics, and an MFA from Kent State Universitymarker, where she taught in the Home Economics department from 1981 to 1988. She was later awarded an honorary doctorate at Hyles-Anderson University.

Riplinger currently lives in Ararat, Virginia with her third husband, Michael, and their daughter Bryn. With the help of her family, Riplinger runs an independent publishing house that focuses on the production of her books and other KJVO materials .


In 1993, Riplinger authored a comparison of modern Bible translations to the King James Version. Her first book, New Age Bible Versions, was controversial – for example, James Price, executive editor of the New King James Version – claimed that Riplinger lacked a basic understanding of how modern translations were put together. Rick Norris and James White are two authors who have argued Riplinger quoted primary sources out of context. The book however gained widespread popularity, and gave rise to further endorsements of the position by such respected scholars as Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. Douglas D. Stauffer, Dr. Holland, Dr. Samuel Gipp, Dr. Kent Hovind, Dr. Norris Belcher and widely known pastors such as Dr. Chuck Smith, and Dr. P. Ruckman. Earlier scholars supporting this position were John William Burgon, an ardent opponent of the re-translation of the Bible by Westcott and Hort off of newly discovered manuscripts, and Dr. Philip Maury, known for his critique of the Sinaiticus. Ms. Riplinger, a former Interior design instructor at Kent State University, has presented her work internationally, effectively changing many mainline views on Modern Bible Translations. Others have used her original comparisons as springboards for further research, including Dr. E. Kirkley-Best, who has explored the dissension and variance of the use of Jewish terms in post-Westcott and Hort based translations (RV, RSV, NRSV etc) and in post -Shoah translations.Ms. Riplinger brought the issue to eminent concern among scholars and in modern Churches, especially fundamental, Pentecostal and Evangelical congregations. She has also authored The Language of the King James Bible , Which Bible is God's Word and Hazardous Materials: Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers .


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