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Gaspar Corte-Real (c. 1450 – c. 1501?) was a Portuguesemarker explorer.

He was the youngest of three sons of João Vaz Corte-Real, also an explorer, and had accompanied his father on his expeditions to North America. In 1500, King Manuel I of Portugal sent Gaspar to discover lands and search for a Northwest Passage to Asia. He reached Greenlandmarker, believing it to be east Asia, but chose not to land. He set out on a second voyage to Greenland in 1501, with his brother Miguel Corte-Real and three caravels. Encountering frozen sea, they changed course to the south and reached land, believed to be Labrador and Newfoundlandmarker. There they captured about sixty native men, who would later be sold as slaves. Gaspar then sent his brother and two ships back to Portugal before continuing southwards. Nothing more was ever heard of Gaspar Corte-Real. His brother Miguel attempted to find him in 1502, but he too never returned. The interpretations of the markings on the Dighton Rockmarker made by Edmund B. Delabarre may prove that Miguel reached America and stayed living with the natives never to return home.

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