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In diplomacy, the Gastein Convention, a treaty signed at Bad Gasteinmarker in Austria on August 14, 1865, embodied agreements between the two principal powers of the German Confederationmarker, Prussiamarker and Austriamarker, over the governing of the provinces of Schleswig and Holstein. The two powers faced the issue of governing the two provinces after the Confederation took them over from Denmarkmarker in the Second War of Schleswig the year before.

The eleven articles of the agreement covered:

  • abandoning the shared administration (condominion) of Schleswig and Holstein
  • Prussian control of Schleswig
  • Austrian control of Holstein
  • the Prussian crown purchasing Austria's right to Lauenburg
  • Prussian transit rights through Holstein to Schleswig
  • Prussian rights to construct a canal and a telegraph-line through Holstein to Schleswig
  • setting up a German Confederation Navy
  • designating a headquarters for the proposed navy at Kielmarker in Holstein under Prussian sovereignty
  • designating Rendsburgmarker as a Confederation fortress

The Gastein Convention collapsed due to the efforts of Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck to provoke a war with Austria and to eliminate Austria from the German Confederation. These efforts led to the outbreak of the Austro-Prussian Warmarker, also known as the Seven Weeks' War, in June 1866.

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