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General der Panzertruppe (Literally: General of the Armoured Troops) was a rank of Germanmarker Army General introduced by the Wehrmacht in 1935. The title General der Panzertruppen is still used in the post-war Bundeswehr.

The rank was equivalent to the long established General der Kavallerie, General der Artillerie and General der Infanterie. The Wehrmacht also introduced General der Nachschubtruppe (supply corps), General der Gebirgstruppen (mountain troops), General der Fallschirmtruppen (parachute troops) and General der Nachrichtentruppen (communications troops)).


The following officers were General der Panzergruppe:


File:Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1979-035-19, Hasso von Manteuffel.jpg|General der Panzertruppe Hasso von Manteuffel in 1942File:Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-209-0086-12, Russland-Nord, Erich von Manstein, Brandenberger.jpg|General der Panzertruppe Erich Brandenberger (left) with Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein in 1941)File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-B17409, Nordafrika, Ludwig Crüwell, Fritz Bayerlein.jpg| General der Panzertruppe Ludwig Crüwell (left) in North Africa in 1942Image:Model-nehring.jpg|General der Panzertruppe Walther Nehring (right) with Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model (centre) in 1944

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