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Tilmann Otto (April 19, 1975 in Osnabrückmarker, Germanymarker), better known by his stage name Gentleman, is a Germanmarker Reggae musician.


Gentleman resides in Cologne, but sometimes names Jamaicamarker as his home away from home. He is the son of a Lutheran pastor. He is the father of two children named Samuel and Tamica, and married to Tamika, a background singer of the Far East Band, which has been supporting him since his first concert tour of Germany in 2002.


He has been traveling to Jamaicamarker regularly since he was 16 years old. Legend has it that he became hooked on his brother's Reggae records and thus wanted to get to know Jamaica first-hand. The island has become a second home for him.In the meantime, Gentleman is also regarded as a popular reggae artist in Jamaica as well, which he regards as an honor, being a European. His career began with the collaboration of the band Freundeskreis which produced the song "Tabula Rasa." After beginning his career as a Deejay, his music oriented itself on the classic form of the reggae genre, like that of Bob Marley. He sings mainly in English or rather Patois (Jamaican-Creole). With songs like "Send A Prayer," Gentleman expresses his deep belief in God, without referring to a particular religion. His album, Confidence, climbed to number 1 on the German album charts in 2004.



Year Title Chart Positions
DEmarker ATmarker CHmarker NLmarker FRmarker
1999 Trodin On 59
2002 Journey To Jah 14 19 21
2003 Gentleman & The Far East Band Live 15 10 34
2004 Confidence 1 1 4 -
2007 Another Intensity 2 5 2 72 75



  • 1999: Heat of the Night
  • 1999: Jah Jah Never Fail
  • 2002: Leave Us Alone
  • 2002: Dem Gone
  • 2003: Rainy Days
  • 2003: Runaway
  • 2004: Superior
  • 2005: Intoxication
  • 2005: Send a Prayer
  • 2006: On We Go / Caan Hold Us Down
  • 2007: Different Places
  • 2007: Serenity
  • 2008: Soulfood / Lack of Love


  • 2003: Gentleman & The Far East Band Live


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Year Title Chart Position
DEmarker ATmarker CHmarker
1998 Tabula Rasa (feat. Freundeskreis & Mellowbag) 13 18 6
1998 In The Heat Of The Night

Trodin On
1999 Jah Jah Never Fail

Trodin On
2002 Leave Us Alone

Journey To Jah
2002 Dem Gone

Journey To Jah
2003 Runaway

Journey To Jah
2003 Rainy Days (feat. Tamika & Martin Jondo)

Gentleman & The Far East Band Live
2003 Widerstand (feat. Curse) 45
2004 Superior

20 20 76
2005 Isyankar (feat. Mustafa Sandal) 6 11 4
2005 Intoxication

33 58
2005 Send A Prayer

2006 On We Go / Caan Hold Us Down

Confidence & Soundtrack Hui Buh
58 48 76
2007 Different Places

Another Intensity
42 65
2007 Serenity

Another Intensity
81 88
2007 Zeit zu verstehen (This Can't Be Everything) (feat. Azad) 30 72
2008 Soulfood / Lack of Love (feat. Sizzla)

Another Intensity
2009 Changes

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