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George Ralph Noory (born June 4, 1950) is an American radio talk show host.

As of 2009, he is the weekday host of the late-night radio talk show Coast to Coast AM. He is heard across the United States and Canadamarker on many AM, FM and XM Satellite Radio. His show is one of the most listened to overnight programs. The program is syndicated by Premiere Radio, a division of Clear Channel Communications.

Noory was born in Detroit, Michiganmarker, but he grew up in Dearborn Heightsmarker. He now resides in Los Angelesmarker, Californiamarker and occasionally broadcasts from, and frequently mentions on air, St. Louis, Missourimarker. Noory has 38 years of broadcasting experience.

Early life, career, and family

George Noory served nine years in the United States Naval Reserve as a full Lieutenant. Noory is a Roman Catholic of Lebanese descent. He has said that he became fascinated with ufology and the paranormal as a child after having an out-of-body experience. As a teenager, Noory joined NICAP, the UFO organization that was a precursor to today's MUFON. Noory came to St. Louis in 1979 to be news director at KSDKmarker channel 5 television before making the transition back to radio.

At the age of 28 he became the youngest news director in the country while at KSTPmarker channel 5 in St. Paul, Minnesotamarker.

While living in Detroit he worked in the news department of WCAR 1130 in Detroit, and later at Storer Broadcasting's Detroit CBS affiliate WJBKmarker channel 2.

Noory was a broadcast major at the University of Detroitmarker.

Noory's family is said to be of Lebanese Christian descent and his father was born in Cairomarker, Egyptmarker, in 1922. According to Noory, he was brought up as a Roman Catholic and his mother was a devout Catholic. He says he believes in "a God," but some of his views, for instance, on reincarnation and the creation of the human race by aliens contradict typical Christian doctrine.

George Noory is currently divorced and has said on-air that he has been married twice. (He once referred to the odd-hours and stress of working as a late-night talk show host as one of the reasons for his failed marriages.) Noory has three children, and four grandchildren.

On May 15 2009 Noory mentioned on the air, in passing, that he is a scuba diver.

Coast to Coast AM

Noory became a guest host for Coast to Coast AM before replacing Ian Punnett as the Sunday night host. His first show was on April 28 2001. On January 1, 2003, Noory took over week-night hosting duties from Art Bell, who had again decided to retire. On January 21, 2006, it was announced that Bell would return to Coast to Coast AM on Saturdays and Sundays, replacing Punnett on Saturdays, and Noory on the first two Sundays of the month. Bell returned to the air waves January 22, 2006 following his wife's death on January 5, 2006. While Punnett went on to host the Coast to Coast Live spin-off on Saturday nights, Noory remained the week-night host. With Noory as host and Art Bell doing the weekends, Coast to Coast AM remained one of the most listened to late night talk radio shows.

Noory has repeatedly announced on-air that he is committed to remaining the principal host of "Coast" until at least 2012, a year frequently called the so-called "Doomsday". His commitment is substantiated by a long-term contract with Premiere Radio Networks, a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications which also produces radio programs for Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, and Glenn Beck. Noory has stood by his foreboding notion that 2012 will be a year of calamitous change on a global scale.

On the August 17, 2007 broadcast, George Noory made a statement during the third hour that he had a meeting a few weeks ago with Premiere Radio Networks outlining his tenure. He stated that he wishes to sign another five year contract in 2012, extending his hosting duties until about 2017. Noory went on to mention,   Noory has repeatedly vowed on-air that he will stay on C2CAM until he is "fragged out."

However, WorldNetDaily reports interest in a President Noory campaign in 2012. This might be response to comments such as:

On March 10, 2007, Noory introduced Art Bell for his Lifetime Achievement Award from "Radio & Records," the radio industry trade journal. The next week he replayed his introductory speech and Art Bell's acceptance speech. Noory revealed that although he has worked for Coast to Coast AM since 2001, that night was the first time he had met Art Bell in person.


On 19 September 2006, Noory released his first book with co-author William J. Birnes entitled Worker in the Light: Unlock Your Five Senses And Liberate Your Limitless Potential. New York: Forge. ISBN 0-7653-1087-2.

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