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The Germanmarker men's national ice hockey team first participated in serious international competition at the 1911 European Hockey Championship. When Germanymarker was split after World War II, the hockey team was also split into the West German national ice hockey team and the East German national ice hockey team. By 1991, the teams were replaced by the current German team controlled by the Deutscher Eishockey-Bund.

The team

The German national team at the Deutschland Cup 2006 (Hanover)

The team is not considered to be as elite as Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Switzerland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden or the USA, but they are ranked 11th in the world by the IIHF. The team has not been able to break through in the past few years. Since re-unification, their best recent results include finishing 6th place at the 2003 World Championships where they lost a close quarter-final match in overtime to Canada. Previously, they finished third in the European Group and qualified for the quarter-finals at the 1996 World Cup after a surprising 7-1 victory against the Czech Republic. In the 1992 Olympics, they lost to Canada 4-3 in an overtime shoot-out in the quarter-finals.

Germany has never won an international competition, and their most recent medal was a bronze in the 1934 World Championships. Their best result was a silver medal at the 1930 World Championships.

There are 25,934 registered players in Germany (0.03% of its population).

In December 2005 Uwe Krupp became head coach.

Team Officials

During 2005

Current Roster

Player Club Date of Birth Place of Birth
Patrick Ehelechner Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Rosenheimmarker, West Germanymarker
Dennis Endras Augsburger Panther Immenstadtmarker, West Germanymarker
Thomas Greiss San Jose Sharks Füssenmarker, West Germanymarker
Dimitrij Kotschnew HC Spartak Moscow Karagandamarker, Kazakh SSR
Dimitri Pätzold ERC Ingolstadt Ust-Kamenogorskmarker, Kazakh SSR
Sebastian Stefaniszin Iserlohn Roosters Berlinmarker, West Germanymarker
Youri Ziffzer Hannover Scorpions Singaporemarker
Martin Ančička Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Kladnomarker, Czechoslovakiamarker
Michael Bakos ERC Ingolstadt Augsburgmarker, West Germanymarker
Jens Baxmann Eisbären Berlin Wernigerodemarker, East Germanymarker
Robin Breitbach Genève-Servette HC Hamburgmarker, West Germanymarker
Sven Butenschön Adler Mannheim Itzehoemarker, West Germanymarker
David Cespiva Krefeld Pinguine Duisburgmarker, West Germanymarker
Robert Dietrich Milwaukee Admirals Ordzhonikidze, Kazakh SSR
Tobias Draxinger Straubing Tigers Munichmarker, West Germanymarker
Christian Ehrhoff Vancouver Canucks Moersmarker, West Germanymarker
Nikolai Goc Hannover Scorpions Calwmarker, West Germanymarker
Jason Holland DEG Metro Stars Morinville, Albertamarker, Canadamarker
Korbinian Holzer DEG Metro Stars Munichmarker, West Germanymarker
Frank Hördler Eisbären Berlin Bad Muskaumarker, East Germanymarker
Lasse Kopitz Frankfurt Lions Berlinmarker, West Germanymarker
Rainer-Georg Köttstorfer Hannover Scorpions Rosenheimmarker, West Germanymarker
Petr Macholda Hamburg Freezers Mostmarker, Czechoslovakiamarker
Moritz Müller Kölner Haie Frankfurt am Mainmarker, West Germanymarker
Florian Ondruschka Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Selbmarker, West Germanymarker
Sebastian Osterloh Frankfurt Lions Kaufbeurenmarker, West Germanymarker
Felix Petermann Adler Mannheim Marktoberdorfmarker, West Germanymarker
Andy Reiss Hannover Scorpions Hanovermarker, West Germanymarker
Andreas Renz Kölner Haie Villingen-Schwenningenmarker, West Germanymarker
Chris Schmidt Adler Mannheim Beaverlodge, Albertamarker, Canadamarker
Benedikt Schopper Krefeld Pinguine Weiden, West Germanymarker
Christoph Schubert Atlanta Trashers Munichmarker, West Germanymarker
Dennis Seidenberg Florida Panthers Villingen-Schwenningenmarker, West Germanymarker
Alexander Sulzer Nashville Predators Kaufbeurenmarker, West Germanymarker
Steffen Tölzer Augsburger Panther Zittaumarker, East Germanymarker
Vitalij Aab Hamburg Freezers Karagandamarker, Kazakh SSR
Alexander Barta Hamburg Freezers Berlinmarker, West Germanymarker
Björn Barta Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Berlinmarker, West Germanymarker
Tino Boos Hannover Scorpions Düsseldorfmarker, West Germanymarker
Constantin Braun Eisbären Berlin Lampertheimmarker, West Germanymarker
Florian Busch Eisbären Berlin Tegernseemarker, West Germanymarker
Patrick Buzas ERC Ingolstadt Augsburgmarker, West Germanymarker
Fabio Carciola Kassel Huskies Kasselmarker, West Germanymarker
Sven Felski Eisbären Berlin Berlinmarker, East Germanymarker
Petr Fical Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Jindřichův Hradecmarker, Czechoslovakiamarker
Sebastian Furchner Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg Kaufbeurenmarker, West Germanymarker
Christoph Gawlik Frankfurt Lions Deggendorfmarker, West Germanymarker
Marcel Goc Nashville Predators Calwmarker, West Germanymarker
Philip Gogulla Portland Pirates Düsseldorfmarker, West Germanymarker
Thomas Greilinger ERC Ingolstadt Deggendorfmarker, West Germanymarker
Michael Hackert Adler Mannheim Heilbronnmarker, West Germanymarker
Patrick Hager Krefeld Pinguine Stuttgartmarker, West Germanymarker
Jochen Hecht Buffalo Sabres Mannheimmarker, West Germanymarker
Robert Hock Iserlohn Roosters Šternberkmarker, Czechoslovakiamarker
Kai Hospelt Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg Cologne, West Germanymarker
Klaus Kathan Hannover Scorpions Bad Tölzmarker, West Germanymarker
Marcus Kink Adler Mannheim Düsseldorfmarker, West Germanymarker
Manuel Klinge Kassel Huskies Kasselmarker, West Germanymarker
Daniel Kreutzer DEG Metro Stars Düsseldorfmarker, West Germanymarker
Eduard Lewandowski HC Spartak Moscow Krasnoturyinskmarker, Russian SFSR
Tomáš Martinec Adler Mannheim Pardubicemarker, Czechoslovakiamarker
Ulrich Maurer Augsburger Panther Garmisch-Partenkirchenmarker, West Germanymarker
Roland Mayr Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Augsburgmarker, West Germanymarker
Christoph Melischko Kölner Haie Schongau, West Germanymarker
Andreas Morczinietz Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg Wolfratshausenmarker, West Germanymarker
Richard Mueller Hamburg Freezers Richmond, British Columbiamarker, Canadamarker
Travis James Mulock Eisbären Berlin Langley, British Columbiamarker, Canadamarker
Marcel Müller Kölner Haie Berlinmarker, West Germanymarker
Thomas Oppenheimer Frankfurt Lions Peißenbergmarker, West Germanymarker
Elia Ostwald Hamburg Freezers Bad Muskaumarker, East Germanymarker
Daniel Pietta Krefeld Pinguine Krefeldmarker, West Germanymarker
Aleksander Polaczek Frankfurt Lions Opolemarker, Polandmarker
André Rankel Eisbären Berlin Berlinmarker, West Germanymarker
Felix Schütz Portland Pirates Erdingmarker, West Germanymarker
Yannic Seidenberg Adler Mannheim Villingen-Schwenningenmarker, West Germanymarker
Marco Sturm Boston Bruins Dingolfingmarker, West Germanymarker
Bill Trew Straubing Tigers Kingston, Ontariomarker, Canadamarker
John Tripp Hamburg Freezers Kingston, Ontariomarker, Canadamarker
Christoph Ullmann Kölner Haie Altöttingmarker, West Germanymarker
Roland Verwey Krefeld Pinguine Duisburgmarker, West Germanymarker
Michael Waginger ERC Ingolstadt Immenstadtmarker, West Germanymarker
Alexander Weiß Eisbären Berlin Titisee-Neustadtmarker, West Germanymarker
Michael Wolf Iserlohn Roosters Ehenbichlmarker, Austriamarker

Olympic record

World Cup of Hockey record

  • 1996 - lost in quarter-finals
  • 2004 - lost in quarter-finals

European Championship record

  • 1910 - Did not participate
  • 1911 - Won silver medal
  • 1912 - Won silver medal
  • 1913 - Won bronze medal
  • 1914 - Won silver medal
  • 1921-1926 did not participate
  • 1927 - Won bronze medal
  • 1929 - not ranked
  • 1930 - Won gold medal
  • 1932 - Finished in 4th place
  • 1934 - Won gold medal
  • 1936 - Won bronze medal
  • 1937 - Won bronze medal
  • 1938 - Won bronze medal
  • 1939 - Won bronze medal
  • 1953 - Won silver medal

World Championship record

  • 1930 - Won silver medal
  • 1931 - Did not participate
  • 1933 - Finished in 5th place
  • 1934 - Won bronze medal
  • 1935 - Finished in 9th place
  • 1937 - Finished in 4th place
  • 1938 - Finished in 4th place
  • 1939 - Finished in 5th place
  • 1947 - 1990 did not participate (see West German national ice hockey team and East German national ice hockey team)
  • 1953 - Won silver medal (as West Germany)
  • 1991 - Finished in 8th place
  • 1992 - Finished in 6th place
  • 1993 - Finished in 5th place
  • 1994 - Finished in 9th place
  • 1995 - Finished in 9th place
  • 1996 - Finished in 8th place
  • 1997 - Finished in 11th place
  • 1998 - Finished in 11th place
  • 1999 - Finished in 20th place (4th in the "Pool B")
  • 2000 - Finished in 17th place (Won the "Pool B")
  • 2001 - Finished in 8th place
  • 2002 - Finished in 8th place
  • 2003 - Finished in 7th place
  • 2004 - Finished in 9th place
  • 2005 - Finished in 15th place
  • 2006 - Finished in 17th place (Won Division I, Group A)
  • 2007 - Finished in 9th place
  • 2008 - Finished in 10th place
  • 2009 - Finished in 15th place

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