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Gotse Delchev ( ), is a town in Blagoevgrad Provincemarker of Bulgariamarker with a population of 23,573.

In 1951 the town was renamed after the Bulgarian revolutionary Georgi Nikolov Delchev. It had hitherto been called Nevrokop ( , Nevrokópi, Νευροκοπι in Greek, Nevrekop in (Turkish)). It was a kaza in Syarmarker sanjak of Solunmarker vilayet before the Balkan Wars.

Nearby are the remains of a walled city established by the Romans in the 2nd century AD to celebrate victories over the Dacians. The town was called Nikopolis ad Nestrum. There has been archaeological work on the site, which ceased due to lack of funds around 1986.

There is a hospital for endocrine surgery, named Simvol na nadezhdata (Символ на надеждата) (translated sign of hope), established with the help of the Union of Free Evangelic Churches in Germany.


Gotse Delchev is the administrative centre of Gotse Delchev municipality (part of Blagoevgrad Province), which includes the following 13 places:

Notable people

  • Aleksandar Pramatarski - politician
  • Georgi Bakalov - notable historian
  • Ilko Pirgov - footballer
  • Ilko Semerdzhiev - former Bulgarian minister of public health
  • Nikolay Dobrev (1947 - 1999) - politician and member of the Communist party of Bulgaria
  • Nikolina Chakardakova - singer
  • Serkan Ceylan - Scientest
  • Atanas Samandov - Bulgarian Army General, Head of the Joint Operations Command


Image:Gotse-delchev-gruev.JPG|Street scene in Gotse DelchevImage:Gotse Delchev Historical Museum Bulgaria Gruev.JPG|Historical MuseumImage:Towncouncil.JPG|Town Council of Gotse Delchev

References and notes

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