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Graham Joyce (born 1954) is an English writer of speculative fiction and the recipient of numerous awards for both his novels and short stories. He grew up in a small mining village just outside of Coventry to a working class family. After receiving a B.Ed. from Bishop Lonsdale College in 1977 and a M.A. from the University of Leicestermarker in 1980 , Joyce worked as a youth officer for the National Association of Youth Clubs until 1988. He subsequently quit his position and moved to the Greek islands of Lesbos and Crete to write his first novel, Dreamside. After selling Dreamside to Pan Books in 1991, Joyce moved back to England to pursue a career as a full-time writer.

Presently, Graham Joyce resides in Leicester with his wife, Suzanne Johnsen, and their two children, Joseph and Ella. He teaches Creative Writing to graduate students at Nottingham Trent University.

Style and Themes

Both publishers and critics alike have found difficulty in classifying Joyce as a writer. His novels have been categorized as fantasy, science fiction, horror, and mainstream literature--with some even overlapping genres. Joyce utilizes a wide variety of settings and character perspectives. Settings include Scotland, The English Midlands, Greece, the Middle East, and the jungles of Thailand. He has penned for both adult and juvenile protagonists, with an emphasis on strong female characters. The greater unity in Joyce's works, however, lies in their thematic and philosophical topics. Bill Sheehan, who wrote the introduction for Partial Eclipse, states:

The mystical or supernatural often play a pivotal role in Joyce's works. For this, he taps the mythical or folkloric associations of his settings. Joyce's treatment of these experiences is what distinguishes his novels from genre fiction. The supernatural is not seen as a conflict or an obstacle to be overcome, but rather an integral part of a natural order that a character must accept and integrate. Running parallel to these phenomena is the possibility of a rational or psychological explanation. This literary approach is influenced in part by Joyce's experiences with his own family:

This particular quality has prompted some critics to classify Joyce as a magic realist in the vein of such Latin writers as Gabriel García Márquez or Julio Cortázar. Joyce disagrees with this, feeling that his lineage is tied more closely to writers of the English “weird tale” such as Arthur Machen or Algernon Blackwood. He calls his style of writing “Old Peculiar.”


Currently, there are no films based on Joyce's novels or shorts. However, the film rights to Dreamside, The Tooth Fairy, and Dark Sister have all been optioned. As of March 2007, only Dreamside and The Tooth Fairy are in active talks.


On January 16th 2009 the site Computer and Video Games reported that Graham Joyce had been hired by ID Software to "help develop the storyline potential" of Doom 4.


According to his official site and the Internet Database of Speculative Fiction, Graham Joyce has published fourteen novels and twenty-six short stories to date.

Novels and short story collections

Name Published ISBN Notes
Dreamside 1991 ISBN 978-0-312-87546-6
Dark Sister 1992 ISBN 978-0-312-87254-0 British Fantasy Award winner, 1993
House of Lost Dreams 1993 ISBN 978-0-7472-4248-2
Requiem 1995 ISBN 978-0-312-86452-1 British Fantasy Award winner, 1996;

World Fantasy Award nominee, 1996
The Tooth Fairy 1996 ISBN 978-0-312-86833-8 British Fantasy Award winner, 1997
The Stormwatcher 1997 ISBN 978-1-892389-36-7 British Fantasy Award nominee, 1999
The Web: Spiderbite 1997 ISBN 978-1858815275 young adult
Indigo 1999 ISBN 978-0-671-03937-0 British Fantasy Award winner, 2000
Smoking Poppy 2001 ISBN 978-0-671-03939-4 British Fantasy Award nominee, 2002
The Facts of Life 2002 ISBN 978-0-7434-6342-3 World Fantasy Award winner, 2003;

British Fantasy Award nominee, 2003
Partial Eclipse and Other Stories 2003 ISBN 978-1-931081-62-7 collection
The Limits of Enchantment 2005 ISBN 978-0-7434-6344-7 World Fantasy Award nominee, 2006
TWOC 2005 ISBN 978-0-571-22513-2 young adult
Do the Creepy Thing 2006 ISBN 978-0-571-23035-8 young adult;

released in the US as The Exchange (2008) ISBN 978-0-670-06207-2
Three Ways to Snog an Alien 2008 young adult
Memoirs of a Master Forger 2008 as William Heaney;

released in the US as How to Make Friends with Demons (2009) ISBN 978-1-59780-142-3
The Devil's Ladder 2009 young adult

Short Stories

  • Monastic Lives (1992)
  • The Careperson (1992)
  • Last Rising Sun (1992)
  • The Ventriloquial Art (1993)
  • The Apprentice (1993)
  • Under the Pylon (1993)
  • Gap-Sickness (1993)
  • Eat Reecebread (1994) with Peter F. Hamilton
  • The Reckoning (1994)
  • Black Ball Game (1995)
  • A Tip from Bobby Moore (1996)
  • The White Stuff (1997) with Peter F. Hamilton
  • Pinkland (1997)
  • The Mountain Eats People (1998)
  • As Seen on Radio (1998)
  • Leningrad Nights (1999)
  • Candia (1999)
  • Incident in Mombassa (1999)
  • Horrograph (1999)
  • Partial Eclipse (2000)
  • Xenos Beach (2000)
  • Coventry Boy (2001)
  • Leningrad Nights (2002)
  • The Coventry Boy (2002)
  • First, Catch Your Demon (2002)
  • Black Dust (2002)
  • An Ordinary Soldier of the Queen (2009)



According to the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, Joyce has won the following awards:

Year Work Award Category
1993 Dark Sister British Fantasy Award Best Novel
1996 Requiem British Fantasy Award Best Novel
1997 The Tooth Fairy British Fantasy Award Best Novel
2000 Indigo British Fantasy Award Best Novel
2003 Les Nuits de Leningrad Imaginaire Award Best New Foreign Work
2003 The Facts of Life World Fantasy Award Best Novel


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