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Grethe Kausland (July 3, 1947, Hortenmarker – November 16, 2007) was a Norwegianmarker singer, performer and actress. As a child star she was one of Norway's most popular singers (her debut single “Teddyen min” from 1955, sold more than 100 000 recordsNorsk pop- og rockleksikon (2005): Grethe Kausland (Retrieved on November 17, 2007)), and she participated in several films as a child.IMDB: Grethe Kausland Filmography (Retrieved on November 17, 2007) She represented Norway in the European Song Contest 1972 singing Småting with Benny Borg. From 1973 she performed regularly with the entertaining group Dizzie Tunes. Awarded "Spellemannprisen" 1978 for the album A Taste of Grethe Kausland, and "Leonardstatuetten" 1991 for her achievements on the revue scene.

Child career

Grethe made her stage debut only four years old at a local revue scene. Winning a radio-transmitted amateur competition eight years old led to her first record – "Teddyen min"/Cowboyhelten" (1955), selling over 100 000 and becoming a big radio hit. Her film career started with Smuglere i smoking 1957. As a twelve years old girl she had already issued ten records and played in five movies. She was known to be "crazy about jazz" already as a child, "illegally" visiting jazz clubs. Despite her girl's voice, she was "swinging" like a grown-up jazz singer.

Shows with Dizzie Tunes

Kausland's cooperation with the show group Dizzie Tunes started with her Chat Noir Theatre debut På go'fot (1973). Later followed the shows Showkade med og uten fyll (1974), Vi spillopper (1976, film version 1979), Memories Of Music (1979/1980, also video), The Show Must Go Home (1984, also video), Festsprell i Dizzie Tider (1988). She also participated in many of their TV shows. Sing Sala Bim (1973) was awarded Bronze Rose at the Montreux festival.

Her music albums with Dizzie Tunes: Toppop 1 (1972), Mere Ra-ta-ta-ta (1972), Folk i nord (1973), Hei-hå-hei-hå (1973), Norsklåt (1973), På go'fot med Dizzie Tunes (1973), Memories of Music (1982), Go'biter med Dizzie Tunes (1992).

A Star is Torn

In a 1993 adaption of Robyn Archer and Rodney Fischer's show A Star is Torn Grethe Kausland portrayed nine tragical female fates in popular music: Bessie Smith, Helen Morgan, Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, Marie Lloyd, Marilyn Monroe, Dinah Washington and Janis Joplin. A full evening one-woman-performance, first at Rogaland Teater (Stavanger, 1993, 45 performances), and later at Victoria Teater (Oslo, 1995).

Television series

From the late 1990s Kausland participated in several TV series. In D'ække bare, bare Bernt (1996) she starred as "Vera", with Jon Skolmen as her husband "Bernt". In the situation comedy Karl & Co (63 episodes, running 1998–2001) she appeared regularly as "Ruth Frantzen". She played the role "Mamsen" in the children's series Jul i Blåfjell in 1999. This series became quite popular, it received the Gullruten award in 2000 for Best TV drama, a music album from the series received Spellemannprisen in 1999 for Best children's album, and the follow-up series Jul på månetoppen appeared in 2002.


Singles on the Columbia label (as child star)

  • 1955: "Teddyen min"/"Cowboyhelten"
  • 1956: "Den lille kjøkkenskriver"/"Jeg vil gifte meg med pappa" (with Frank Robert)
  • 1956: "Maria Fly-fly"/"Eventyrswing"
  • 1956: "Grethemor"/"Dukkestuen"
  • 1956: "Til Nisseland"/"Ding-dong"
  • 1957: "Min lille mandolin"/"Kjære lille vov-vov"
  • 1957: "Hipp Hurra!"/"Lolly Poll"
  • 1958: "Lillesøster"/"Musefest i kjelleren"
  • 1959: "På tivoli"/"Pappas lille pike"
  • 1960: "Souvenirs"/"Conny"
  • 1960: "Det finns millioner"/"Europa Non Stop"
  • 1963: "Gullregnen"/"Ønskedrømmen"
  • 1964: "Hjerte"/"Hvis jeg var gutt"


  • Grethe gjennom 10 år (Columbia, 1964)
  • A Taste of Grethe Kausland (Troll, 1978)
  • Grethe synger Lille Grethe (Troll, 1979)
  • Stay With Me (Troll, 1984)
  • Jazzway to Norway (1991) (with several artists)
  • Jazz my way (Curling Legs, 2008)


  • Smuglere i smoking (1957)
  • Selv om de er små (1957)
  • Far til fire og onkel Sofus (1957)
  • Far til fire og ulveungerne (1958)
  • Ugler i mosen (1959) (directed by Ivo Caprino)
  • To på topp (1965)
  • Tut og kjør (1975)
  • Vi spillopper (1979)
  • Over stork og stein (Stork Staring Mad, 1994)
  • Solan, Ludvig og Gurin med reverompa (Gurin with the Foxtail, 1998) (voice)

TV series


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