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Grimsley High School is one of the oldest institutions of public secondary education in Greensboro, North Carolinamarker. It was founded in 1899, and it is currently part of the Guilford County Schools system. The school has an enrollment of around 1,800 students in grades 9-12. Grimsley has a reputation for higher academics, being ranked the 84th best school on the nation by Newsweek in 2008, and has consistently been in the top 100 for the past 3 years. However it has fallen out of the top 100 in 2009 ranked 119.


The main campus has 10 buildings. The Main building was built in 1929, and other buildings have been added subsequently. The campus consists of the Main building, which has offices on the first floor, English classrooms on the second floor, and Social Studies on the third floor. The Old Science building houses the math classrooms, as well as some science classrooms on the second floor. The rest of the Science classrooms are located in the New Science building. There is a Home Economics building. The Media Center has two classrooms as well as a library with over 18,000 books and 28 computers. The cafeteria has a small lunchroom on the first floor, though due to its small size most students eat outside on in to Grove or on the front lawn. The second floor of the cafeteria has classrooms that house the Business and Marketing department, as well as a few Foreign Language classes. The Music building contains the band, orchestra, and chorus rooms. The Vocational building has a number of various electives. Across a service road from the campus is the robert R. Sawyer Gym, which had the largest unsupported concrete beams ever built when it was new. The Auxiliary Gym has a weight training facility as well as a smaller basketball court and some classrooms for health classes.

A recently renovated library provides access to resources and technology for student use, including access to resources at the local University of North Carolina at Greensboromarker.

Covered walkways were built in 1999, but because of the separated nature of the campus, students frequently traverse outdoor areas. The Grove, a large outdoor area between the main and music buildings is a popular spot for eating lunch and hanging out. It consists of a mulch ground covering, and several large trees which provide shade to a plethora of picnic benches.

Colors and Mascot

The school's colors are blue and white, and its mascot is the "Whirlie," a tornado-like symbol. The school's original color was purple, but because it was hard to find the matching purple when football uniforms had to be changed and because they faded easily in the wash, it was changed to blue and white. The mascot was originally the Purple Whirlwinds, but local papers found that to be a mouthful and shortened it to Whirlies. Later, during the 1980s, a costumed mascot in the form of a bird, known as the "Whirlie Bird," came into existence. The costume has since then fallen into disuse, making only very rare appearances and existing only in the memories and stories of old. There used to be a strong rivalry between Grimsley and High Point Central High School, as well as a rivalry between Grimsley Northwest Guilford High Schoolmarker. Grimsley's current, and longest standing rival is Walter Hines Page High Schoolmarker. The rivalry is celebrated every year with a spirit week before the game, and the game usually attracts crowds of over 10,000.


Grimsley is a 4AA school with a strong athletic program, with sports programs in soccer, basketball, football, tennis, swimming, lacrosse, golf, baseball, wrestling, track, cross-country, volleyball, among others. A "boosters program," alumni, and the annual Grimsley-Page rivalry football game generate much of the funding for both the sports programs and other needs of the school.

Grimsley has one of the largest high school football stadiums (with a 400m track) in the state and services many local events that include fundraisers, special olympics, the NCCA East-West All-Star Game and an annual fireworks display for the city on Independence Day.

The school has 2 gyms, the larger for most indoor sports such as basketball and volleyball, while the smaller has been converted into locker rooms, a weight room, classrooms and practice areas. The larger gymnasium has an attached pool building opened to the public. The basement of the building also serves as ROTC classrooms. The tennis courts are located next to the main gym building, behind which is a practice field for the football, soccer and softball teams. The baseball field is located behind the football stadium opposite the main campus of the school. A trail in the woods is also accessible via the practice soccer and lacrosse fields behind a nearby middle school (Kiser Middle School) for cross country training.


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