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Grover Hot Springs State Park is a state park in eastern Californiamarker, USAmarker that was sold to the Parks and Recreation Department in the 60's. Accessed from Markleevillemarker. The notable pool complex is fed by natural hot springs, a campground, picnic area and hiking trails are also available.

Grover Hot Springs State Park is located on the east side of the Sierra Nevada at the edge of the Great Basin Province, in the High Sierras . The Park forests consists mainly of pine, sagebrush, and open meadows.

The Park is open all year allowing visitors to experience a variety of weather conditions, from major blizzards to dry days, from warm clear nights to intense, blasting thunderstorms. Winds of great speed coming off the mountains are capable of whipping through the park causing damage during any month of the year.

Hot Springs and pools

The mineral deposits on the bottom of the pool cause refracted light to lose certain wavelengths, a distinct yellow-green hue is noticeable. These mineral deposits are laid down on the bottom by an oxidation reaction between the mineral salts in the water and the sanitizing agent (Bromine) used. The pool complex is generally open every day for public wading, from June through August. The pools must close during nearby thunderstorms due to the possibility of lightning striking the water. If thunderstorms are predicted by the National Weather Service for the Northern Sierra Nevada, then Grover may be affected. During the winter, the pool complex will usually remain open.

Hot Springs energy output[146204]
Temperature 147°F 41°C
Flow 105 gpm 398 L/min
Capacity 0.6 X 106 Btu/hr 0.2 MWt
Annual Energy 4.7 X 109 Btu/yr 1.4 GWh/yr

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