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Gryfice (Kashubian: Grëfice; ) is a town in Pomerania, north-western Polandmarker with 16 632 inhabitants (2008). It is the capital of Gryfice Countymarker in West Pomeranian Voivodeshipmarker (since 1999), previously in Szczecin Voivodeship (1975-1998).

Bridge on Rega river in Gryfice


In 1262, Wartislaw III, Duke of Pomerania founded a town under Lübeck law on the Rega river. After his death, his successor, Barnim I, Duke of Pomerania, named the settlement Civitat Griphemberch super Regam (Griffinsmountain) after the coat of arms symbol of the Dukes of Pomerania. In 1365 the town entered the Hansa and prospered due to the right of free navigation on the Rega.

A town wall was built and in the end of 13th century the construction of the St. Mary’s church was begun. In a document of 1386 a Latin school is mentioned, which is generally called the oldest in Pomerania. After the death of the last Pomeranian Duke and by the Treaty of Westphalia Greifenberg became part of Brandenburg-Prussia in 1648 and part of Imperial Germanymarker in 1871. In 1818 the town became the capital of the Greifenberg district (Kreis Greifenberg).

In 1894 the town was connected to the railway line Altdammmarker - Kolbergmarker. On July 1, 1896 the Greifenberger Kleinbahn was opened, a narrow-gauge railway today used as a railway Museum.

At the end of World War II Soviet Red Army conquered the town, approximately 40 percent of the town was destroyed by a fire. Following the post-war boundary changes, Greifenberg was renamed Gryfice and became Polishmarker. Its German population was expelled and the town was populated with Poles, many themselves expellees from Polish areas annexed by the Soviet Union.


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