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Map of the Niger River basin and part of the Guinea highlands towards the southwest
The Guinea Highlands is a densely forested mountainous plateau extending from the southern Fouta Djallon highlands in southeastern Guinea through to northern Sierra Leonemarker and Liberiamarker, and northwestern Côte d'Ivoiremarker .

They form the source of the Niger River, the longest river in western Africa. In Guinea they are known as Dorsale Guinéenne and historically have been isolated. The highest mountain in the region is Mount Nimbamarker which is . They mostly however lie between above sea level. Geologically the composition of the sediments in the highlands though are the same as in Upper Guinea and include granites, schists, and quartzites.

The highland region is also linked to the Jos Plateaumarker in Nigeria, in the Adamawa region, Cameroon Highlands of Cameroonmarker and the Mandingue Plateau near Bamakomarker in Malimarker.

Yomoumarker is the chief market town for the densely forested region of the Guinea Highlands. Main commodities sold in the town include rice, cassava, coffee, palm oil and kernels. The region is inhabited mainly inhabited by the Guerze (Kpelle) and Mano (Manon) peoples.


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