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Map of the Gulf of Taranto.

The Gulf of Taranto (Italian: Golfo di Taranto, Latin: Sinus Tarentinus) is a gulf of the Ionian Seamarker, in southern Italymarker.

The Gulf of Taranto is almost square, 140 km long and wide, and is delimited by the capes Santa Maria di Leuca (east, Apuliamarker) and Colonna (the ancient Cape Lacinium, west, in Calabria). It is surrounded by three Italian regions, Apuliamarker, Basilicata, and Calabria. The most important rivers are the Basentomarker, the Sinni, and the Agrimarker.

The main cities on the gulf are Tarantomarker and Gallipolimarker. Also the Greek colonies (Magna Graecia) of Crotonmarker, Heracleamarker, Thurii, and Sybarismarker were founded on Gulf of Taranto.

  • NW Lat/Long: N 41.00/ W 17.41
  • NE Lat/Long: N 40.59/ E 15.51
  • SW Lat/Long: N 39.58/ E 15.51
  • SE Lat/Long: N 40.00/ W 17.41

Italy claims the whole gulf as national waters, thus closed to international traffic. This position, which is a similar position to Libyamarker on the Gulf of Sidramarker, is not recognized by some other countries, such as the United Statesmarker and the United Kingdommarker.

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