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The act of winning or losing fights with a gun is described in Gun fighting.
Gun Fight is an arcade game that was released by Midway Mfg. Co. in 1975. The theme of the game involved two Old West cowboys squaring off in a duel. Each is armed with a revolver and whoever draws fastest and shoots the other cowboy wins the duel. Unlike a real-life duel, however, both cowboys always get numerous opportunities to duel in order to score points (one point per successful draw).


Gun Fight is notable for being the first coin-operated arcade game to use microprocessors instead of purely discrete TTL circuits in its electronics. Gun Fight used an Intel 8080 CPU, which allowed the game to have more continuous, solid graphics. The game had two distinct controls: one for moving the computerized cowboy around on the screen and another for aiming the player's gun. Unlike most other arcade games, Gun Fight has the main joystick on the right instead of the left. The game uses a black-and-white raster monitor and a yellow screen overlay.


Gun Fight was originally designed by Taito as a TTL designed-game under the name of Western Gun. It was later converted to use the Intel 8080 microprocessor by Nutting. The game was the first Japanesemarker arcade game to be exported to North America.



In 1983 Epyx ported Gun Fight and another Midway game, Sea Wolf II, to the Atari 8-bit family, and released them in an "Arcade Classics" compilation.


In 1978 movie "dawn of the dead";Peter and FlyBoy enjoying this game.Peter loses as the allusion of Flyboy is bad shooter in real life.

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