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Hajvery University (HU) is located in Lahoremarker, Pakistanmarker. HU is one of the oldest, most prestigious and most selective universities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is ranked by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan as a Category "W" university, which is the top ranking among Pakistani Universities Ranking. HU was the first university in the private sector to be awarded this prestigious ranking. HEC University Ranking.


View of Jamia Hajveria
The name Hajvery comes from Ali Hujwiri, the 11th-century Ghaznamarker-born Persianmarker Sufi scholar who contributed to the spread of religious and philosophical knowledge in Iranmarker, Iraqmarker, Indiamarker, Afghanistanmarker and Pakistan. (Hujwiri's tomb, Data Durbar Complex, is a shrine in Lahore). His most famous work is The Kashf Al Mahjub written in the Persian language (or ‘unfolding truth’ in English). The work debates Sufi doctrines of the past. From here HU derives its purpose; enlightening the minds of the masses by giving them knowledge.

HU, the brainchild of Haji Mushtaq Ahmed (late), was established by prominent educationists and people belonging to Pakistan's private & public sector corporations. According to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), HU is one of the most highly ranked Pakistani universities amongst institutions that offer degrees in Business Management, Commerce, Fine Arts & Fashion Design, Textile Design, Pharmacy, Literature, Humanities & Social Sciences, Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technology

HU Main Entrance.
HU Inner View.
HU Inner View
The HU Library


Hajvery University has 3 campuses and another in the pipeline for construction in Dubai at DIAC. Two campuses are in the heart of the city of Lahore. The third is under construction at Bosan Road, Multan.

  • Main campus
HU had its beginnings at a multi-storey purpose built campus in the industrial area, Gulberg Lahore. It was later expanded to cater for the growing need of students. It is now the main campus. Even today it stands prominent and has the capacity to house many thousand students. [709388].

  • Euro Campus

The second campus was built in the vicinity of Gulberg 111 with six floors and covered area of over 100,000 sq feet. Euro campus is centrally air conditioned. The lecture halls are equipped with multimedia projectors among other modern teaching aids. HU has well equipped pharmacy labs, computer labs, fashion studios, theaters, auditoriums and textile labs. Euro campus remains the best built yet and meets all the guidelines of a world class university. [709389].

  • Multan Campus
HU Multan campus is under construction on Bosan road, Multan. Pakistan's top architects have been appointed to design an outstanding university campus to meet the ever changing demands. [709390].

  • Dubai DIAC
A campus in the Dubai International Academic City is in the pipeline for near future.


  • HU School of Business

With its emphasis on CSR (corporate social responsibility) HSB has several thousand alumni already applying themselves in the corporate sector in all corners of Pakistan and abroad. Executive MBA students are given the opportunity to study and work simultaneously with evening classes.

  • HU School of Commerce and Banking

The Bachelor of Commerce degree program is designed to provide students with managerial skills while at the same time building competence in a particular area.

For example B.Com Banking & Finance program includes a study of the banking sector in Pakistan and its role in the global banking and financial markets. Graduates apply to commercial banks, development financial institutions, stock markets, insurance and other related business sectors of economy. Students also acquired the managerial and general administrative skills to work in the above fields.[709391]

  • School of Fashion Design

Students of fashion design are given an outlet to the real world through practical projects such as fashion shows and exhibitions.

  • School of IT and Computer Science

HUSCE offers IT & Computer Science, B-Tech, Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Textile engineering . HUSCE has gone through a major reorganization and renovation of the labs.

  • School of Engineering and Telecommunication

HU is offering a course of BE(Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, BE Telecom engineering. B-Tech honors with electrical and electronics.

  • School of Humanities and Social sciences

English Language & Literature, M.Sc. Economics, B.A., B.Sc. Social Sciences etc.

  • HU Law School

HU Law school project is in the pipeline for Lahore as well as Multan. It is expected to open its doors in 2010.

  • HU Phamracy school

Doctorate of Pharmacy at HU is lead by Dr. Ikram-ul-Haq. The facilities, such as labs, are well over the standards required by the Pharmacy Council. At HU Pharm-D program is called as "A life saving profession". Pharmacy is an expanding, dynamic profession offering a wealth of opportunities. Many occupations offer to improve society's quality of life, but the profession of Pharmacy involves the preservation of life itself. While serving the society, a secure professional future is reasonably guaranteed with the satisfaction of personal accomplishment. Faculty of Pharmacy, at Euro Campus embodies and delivers world class education and research in Pharmacy with particular regards to their application in Industry and health care. We foster interdisciplinary working internally and collaborate widely externally.

Euro campus has some of the most cutting edge facilities, industry standard equipment and top teaching environments, including labs, workshops, centrally air conditioned class rooms and seminar halls for group studies. Building works are giving a new modern face to Hajvery University. Many distinguished faculty members make significant contributions to teaching at Euro Campus as visiting and permanent professors. All instructions take place in an environment that emphasizes curiosity, scientific method, problem solving and effective verbal & written communication. Women Students make 60 per cent of the population and the number is growing all the time. HU prides it self on offering an unrivaled range of opportunities to our graduates. The Job Placement Department actively explores openings for our graduates and ensures that they are all well placed.

The participatory environment at Euro Campus stipulates that students and faculty will interact regularly in decision making process. This offers students exciting possibility of being a part of creativity from the very beginning. [709392]

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D)

The modern era societies have great concern about the health of their people, so they are engaged with multi disciplinary team work of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and others to optimise better health care delivery for boosting up the health of their public. The explosion of new drug products in the market has compelled physicians, other health professionals and patients to rely more and more on the expertise of the pharmacists who are better trained to understand how these drugs exert their actions, travel through the body and interact with one another. Pharmacy is among the primal pyramids of health sector, taking a quantum leap towards research and development, similar to its other counter-parts. The profession of Pharmacy has evolved from its traditional role of compounding the drugs to the pharmaceutical care, the design and development of magic drugs and their formulations and the ongoing research in medical and pharmaceutical fields to counteract the needs of the modern society. The Department of Pharmacy at the Hajvery Hajvery University of Lahore has been established to provide education in basic health needs of the modern era, to achieve the goals of enriching ourselves in a fast flowing stream of knowledge via electronic or audio-visual aid and to prepare professionals of matching caliber. The rigor of our academic programme, the selection of modern courses, teaching faculty and access to state of the art facilities at our campus will add prestige and recognition to the degree, we will be awarding to our students.

MissionThe mission of Department of Pharmacy is to educate and train the people for present as well as for future concern so that they become useful and productive members of health care team, thus, serving the needs of the society in a best possible way. The Department of Pharmacy is committed to provide an environment of academic excellence and research, and social responsibilities that facilitate the propagation and acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the profession of pharmacy and the disciplines in pharmacy education.

Goals: We desire to be recognized as a leader in Pharmacy education through:

1. Achieving competency in pharmacy curriculum by maintaining ethical and professional standards.

2. Preparing the pharmacy graduates by giving through knowledge, skills, motivation and professional attitude to the proper and rational use of drugs, now and in the future.

3. Promoting an environment to support research in basicscientific training to the students in pursuing career as professional pharmacists, researchers, managers and academicians. and applied pharmaceutical & medical sciences, to advance pharmaceutical knowledge, to encourage fundamental drugs discovery and finally the attainment of advanced degrees.

4. Exploring concerns common to pharmacy and allied professions for the purpose of promoting efficient distribution and utilization of health related services.

5. Developing and maintaining high quality education programs which enable the Department of Pharmacy to:a. Provide traditional and non-traditional educational avenues for advanced professional and academic degree studies.b. Improve public perception of pharmacy practicec. Increase public awareness of drugs

Scope of Pharmacy

Community / Retail Pharmacy: This area involves the practice of pharmacy in community settings or retail outlets. Pharmacists, in the community settings, are actively involved in educating patients, maintaining and monitoring drug records and providing information resource of the highest caliber. This is very rapidly growing area of pharmacy profession in which the pharmacists are deployed at store levels leading to the management positions in chain drug pharmacies or themselves become the owner of their own pharmacies.

Hospital and Other Institutional Settings: The expansion of health care needs of the society puts the hospital pharmacists in a position to have direct involvement in patient care besides its established roles of control, supply and distribution of drugs, management functions, personnel administration, system development and planning. Hospital pharmacists continue to become more involved in providing patient-oriented services; the demand for practishnors in this area of pharmacy continues to grow.

Managed Care Pharmacy: Managed care pharmacy services are the extended health delivery system services that provides the pharmaceutical care at the primary / or preventive level. Increasingly, pharmacists are employed in various capacities within managed care organizations (MCQs). Managed care is a system designed to optimize patient care and outcomes and foster quality through greater coordination of medical and pharmaceutical services.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Another career option in pharmacy is represented by the pharmaceutical industry. Here, pharmacists are employed in manufacturing, product development / research, quality control, marketing, sales and administration. Many pharmacists obtain a postgraduate degree in order to meet the technical demands and scientific duties required in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Academic Pharmacy: Approximately 500 full-time faculty members work in the nation’s Faculty or Departments of Pharmacy, while in a developed country like USA; this figure is more than 3000. They are involved with teaching, research, public service and patient care. Becoming a member of the faculty at an Institute / Department / Faculty of Pharmacy usually requires a Postgraduate degree. After graduation, only fewpharmacists exercise the option to teach, hence there, currently exists a shortage, creating an array of excellent professional opportunities.

Other Fields in Pharmacy: Pharmacists use their basic educational background in a host of federal, state and professional positions. At the federal or provincial level, pharmacists hold posts like drug inspectors, drug controllers, pharmacists / chief pharmacists at drug testing laboratories and also as Commissioned Officers in Pakistan Armed Forces. Pharmacists with interest and special talents in organizational work also guide several national professional associations. There are pharmacist in advertising, packaging, technical writing, magazine editing and science reporting. There are pharmacists with legal training serving as patent lawyers or as experts in pharmaceutical law.


The Library at the main campus provides support for the courses offered on site and offers books, videos, journals and other reference sources. The Library at Hajvery University provides support for the courses offered on site and offers an extensive range of books, videos, journals and other reference sources, if you can't find exactly what you are looking for, HU can obtain materials for you from abroad.

To help make use of the resources and services available, HU staffs are able to offer you assistance and advice. Subject librarians will show you how to use specialized information resources and give you training in information retrieval skills. Students are able to use the networked PCs, as well as scanners, printers and high quality photocopying facilities. HU is linked with major libraries of the world thru digital library.

Library at HU is one of the richest libraries located at Lahore. It has collection of vast variety of books, videos, CDs on all subjects and serves the needs of all students. Additionally each campus has its own independent library, which has its own collection of books, videos and CDs. The students of allied campuses have also been given the library cards for drawing books etc from the library. All libraries are centrally air-conditioned and subscribes to all the important Journals and periodicals. Some 200 Journals and magazines of various categories are available to the students.

All newspapers are placed in all libraries and the students remain conversant with the current affairs.


Financial aid

HU has a generous policy offering scholarships to students on need and bright basis, which can be used to cover full / part payment of tuition fee. These awards are largely dependent on student's academic achievements and continuance of the scholarship will be contingent upon satisfactory academic performance.

Student life & culture

Hajvery has a thriving social scene with many student societies. HU has a tradition of organizing cultural shows and concerts, students take part in these activities. These functions are often arranged at university's campus and at times in other auditoriums and halls.

The most active society is the Debating Society. Occasionally, declamations and debating contests have been arranged to provide a literary platform to the students.


Basant , western event


Matches are arranged with other colleges and by organizing inter university tournaments. Sports like cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, chess etc. are among sports available.

Three students of HU participated in the All Pakistan Rowing Competition organized by the Punjab Rowing Association held at Wapda Complex. Twenty seven universities and colleges took part in the competition. HU won the 1st position and won 1st four Gold Medals.

Admissions process

Entry Requirements

• Candidates will be evaluated considering the following factors.• Past academic record.• Active participation in extra curricular activities.• Satisfactory performance in aptitude test.• Personal interview• Level of motivation and degree of interest in the adopted courses

The aptitude test examines knowledge of English, Maths and current affairs. The personal interview then follows. Finally, an acceptance letter is sent and the student deposits the fee, which finalizes the enrollment.

The admission fee is a one-time payment at the time of first registration into degree program.

Hostel and transport

Hajvery University has its own chain of hostels, which are near the colleges of the university. Students have access to a free Internet service in a centrally placed computer, which is linked with mainframe computers.

Students belonging to countries other than Pakistan are given preference to stay in these hostels. There are number of students from Gulf countries, Kenya and Africa who are residing in our hostels. Female students have separate hostels. Pakistani families, which are living abroad, prefer to choose Hajvery University for higher education of their daughters rather than selecting foreign universities.




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