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Hamodia ( - "the Informer") is a Hebrew language daily newspaper, published in Israelmarker. A daily English language edition is also published in the United States and Israel, and a weekly edition is published in England. A weekly edition is now available to French readers. The U.S. version is the first Haredi Jewish daily newspaper ever published in English in the U.S. It is also the only Orthodox Jewish newspaper published daily in two different country editions. The paper was founded in 1950 by Rabbi Y. L. Levin, son of the Agudat Israel leader Rabbi I.M. Levin of Warsawmarker and Jerusalemmarker.

Editorial policy reflects the Haredi point of view. Although not Zionist on ideological grounds it is right of center in its Israeli coverage. It is very vociferous on the thorny issue of Jerusalem and opposes even minimal concessions. Torah and community related topics are more often written by the reporters at the paper, while most of the national and international news is taken from other news sources, such as Reuters and the Associated Press. Pictures of women are not displayed in the newspaper. A weekly edition, in English, is published simultaneously in Jerusalem, London and New York. As hareidi culture shuns television, internet usage and the reading of secular newspapers, Hamodia is one of the few news sources available to many of its readers. The publishers refused for a time to produce an internet editions of Hamodia, but it now exists.

More than just a newspaper, they promote a way of life that is based on family values and spiritual growth. they are the sole access point to a community that shies away from mainstream culture, avoiding the dangers of immodest images and innuendo found on the internet and opting for a life based on powerful tradition. Parents trust Hamodia as a ‘filter’ because it is seen as the only ‘safe’ option.

The English editions of Hamodia enjoy a wide circulation. It was first printed on February 27, 1998 as a weekly paper and on December 15, 2003 it expanded to include a daily publication as well. The daily edition is published from Monday to Friday, with no edition appearing on Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath) and Jewish religious holidays. The weekly edition is printed on Wednesdays, and includes expanded sections and a glossy magazine.

Recently a French weekly version has been introduced and enjoys a wide circulation both in the French speaking community in Israel and in France itself.

The English-language Hamodia is published in four editions—Israel, United States of America (daily), Australia (weekly only) and England (weekly only)

Hamodia's slogan is "The Newspaper of Torah Jewry".

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