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Heriberto "Eddie" Seda (born July 31, 1967) is an Americanmarker serial killer who struck New York Citymarker from 1990 to 1993. Before being caught on June 18, 1996, Seda killed three people and critically wounded four. Seda is believed to have admired San Franciscomarker’s Zodiac Killer for avoiding capture. Seda was convicted in 1998, and sentenced to over 200 years in prison. He will be eligible for parole in 2120.


Seda gave the impression of being a very religious man and attended church regularly. He lived with his mother and half sister in East New York, where he didn't work and often kept to himself. At the age of 16, Seda dropped out of high school when he was caught carrying a weapon.

On November 17, 1989, East New York’s 75th Precinct began receiving letters with the heading: "This is the zodiac". The first letter contained a warning of 12 murders, one for each sign in the Zodiac. The letter also claimed that one murder had already taken place, but with no evidence the police dismissed the letter as a hoax, which the police are accustomed to receiving. The letter contained a drawing of a circle with lines running through it dividing the circle into 12 sections, each part representing a sign in the zodiac.


Seda was mentally and physically abusive to his half-sister, Gladys Reyes. During a confrontation with her and her boyfriend, Seda pulled out a weapon and began threatening the couple. While Reyes' boyfriend hid in the bedroom, Reyes tried to escape through the front door, but Seda shot her in the buttocks. Wounded but not incapacitated, she made her way to her neighbor’s apartment where she called the police. After a standoff with the police, Seda was arrested. When asked to write a report on what had happened, Seda wrote in a fashion which one of the detectives, Joseph Herbert, found strikingly similar to that of the Zodiac killer, especially due to the signature symbol that he wrote at the end of all of his letters, which he claimed signified God. He was later convicted and pleaded guilty to several counts of murder and attempted murder.


Date Victim Zodiac Sign Status Description
March 8 1990 Mario Orozco Scorpio Survived Shot in the back. The bullet stayed lodged next to his spine.
March 29 1990 Germán Montenegro Gemini Survived Shot in the left side of his lower body. The bullet went through his liver.
May 31 1990 Joe Proce Taurus Died Shot in his lower back, hitting his kidney. He survived attack, but died in the hospital on June 24 1990
June 19 1990 Larry Parham Cancer Survived Shot in the chest. The bullet missed his aorta and exited his body through his right armpit.
August 10 1992 Patricia Fonti Leo Died Shot twice and then was stabbed over 100 times.
June 4 1993 Jim Weber Libra Survived Shot in the buttocks.
July 20 1993 Joseph Diacone Virgo Died Shot in the neck at close range.
October 2 1993 Diane Ballard Taurus Survived Shot in the neck. The bullet missed vital arteries but lodged against her spine.

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