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A high king is a king who holds a position of seniority over a group of other kings, without the title of Emperor; compare King of Kings.

Rulers who have been termed "high king" (by their contemporaries or by modern observers) include:

The Bretwalda was essentially the high king of the Anglo-Saxons, though the name is rarely translated as such. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong in Malaysiamarker could probably be seen as a "high king", as he is selected from among nine Malay rulers (seven Sultans, a Raja, and a Great Lord) by election (through informal agreement, on a rotational basis). In practice, however, the term "high king" is rarely applied to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, rather 'King'.

The titles "maharaja" or similar (Indianmarker), and "daewang" (Koreanmarker) could possibly be rendered as "high king", although the literal meaning is closer to "great king". The title "King of Kings" also expresses much the same concept as "high king" — it was used at various times by the Emperor of Persia (shahanshah) and the Emperor of Ethiopia.

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