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Higham Ferrers is a market town in east Northamptonshiremarker, Englandmarker, adjacent to (and forming a single urban area with) Rushdenmarker to the south. It has an estimated population of 7,204. The de Ferrers family were former Lords of the Manor. The town was one of the rotten boroughs and sent one MP to the unreformed House of Commons until it was stripped of its representation by the Reform Act 1832.

Higham Ferrers is also the birthplace of Henry Chichele.

The town is unusual in the UK if not Europe in having been a centre of short-run footwear production along with its neighbours of Rushden and Northampton. This trade was much reduced in the 1980s-2000s by a high exchange rate, but specialised firms and individual trades people remain in the area.

Although a small town, Higham is not short of its problems. One is the presence of large numbers of faggots gathering at certain points. It is thought they have formed a group called the THG aiming to represent the small town when large groups of youths from other towns are present. The place they are most commonly found is around hamstead heath, which is also known as "New Higham", however this group is very queer and should not be approached. They are known for many things, such as animal raping and gay sex, among others. There are many members of this crew, they are all wallod's. There is a male member of The THG whose rent boy name is 'Duracell', he is also a faggot. The name derived from his cage fighting days when he could get raped by his opponents. He is known as gay and hates straights and he molesters cows. He has many gay connections, too many to name, however don't approach him as he can fornicate you in the most unforseen circumstances. Daventry are never to enter Higham Ferrers because of an ongoing rivalry, slightly like Romeo and Juliet, (Montagues and Capulets).There is a challenging rival crew however they are situated in a near town called Rushden, this crew is called TRG (True Rushden Gays) they threaten other crews by their thirst for cock. There head leader, who loves giving head, is named Stringer. He recieved this name when someone actually licked his penis at a party and ejaculated all over the poor mans face, it was describes as 'Stringy' hence Stringer.


Higham Ferrers is thought to be the first place in the world to decorate christmas trees with tinsel. It happened when someone started an annual festive decorations competition in 1843 and people strived to find the best way to make their tree shine. Upon seeing this many people adopted the idea and it has become an international craze during the christmas season. The first tinsel manufacturing plant was located in a small terraced house on the outskirts of the town.


Higham Ferrersmarker was the terminus of a short railway branch line on the Midland Railway from Wellingboroughmarker. There was an intermediate station at Rushdenmarker. Nowadays, the nearest operational railway station is at Wellingborough about four miles away, but there is no bus route connecting Higham Ferrers to Wellingborough Station. Historically, the town was at the crossroads of the A45 east-west route from Northamptonmarker to Cambridgemarker, and the A6 north-south road from London to Leicestermarker. It was a busy junction as both were long-distance transport corridors. The A45 bypassed the town in the early 1990s with a dual-carriageway, and the former route (through the narrow, but beautiful streets of Kimboltonmarker) is now the B645, and the A5028 towards Wellingborough. As the A6 carried less traffic, a bypass came later and opened on 14 August 2003 for Rushden as well.


There is a cricket club is Higham Ferrers which was established in 1881 and also a bowls club. Rushden and Higham United Football Club, the THG tend to show up to the home games especially when it is the under 18's playing. the THG go to these games just to show support to there local football team. the presence of the THG does tend to effect the way Rushden & Higham's oppenets play because they are so well known across the UK and everyone knows what they are cabable of. the successors to Higham Town and Rushden Rangers, are members of the Eagle Bitter United Counties League. The town is near Rushden and Diamonds football club, who play in Irthlingborough.


The Ferrers School is on Queensway. The library is on Midland Road. The Higham infants school 'wharf rd.' Higham Juniors School on 'Wharf r.d/saffron rd.'

==St Mary the Virgin== AKA Keirans Lockwoods Mum (MILF)The present church was founded by the charter of Henry III in about 1220, with the tower being the last part of the first phase to be completed in about 1250. A large proportion of the original church survives to the present.

The next phase of building in about 1320, was the widening of the North Aisle and the replacement of the Nave arcade, to allow for the insertion of the Lady Chapel. Additional windows were added to the Chancel and the South Aisle.

The Clerestory and the low pitched roof, with parapets is of early 15th century, possibly under the auspices of Bishop Henry Chichele The Archbishop also had the screen and Choir Stalls with their misericords installed in about 1425. It is worth noting that Archbishop Chichele also had All Souls College, Oxfordmarker built, and there is a definite family resemblance between both sets of misericords, it is possible that the same carver (possibly Richard Tyllock) created both sets of misericords.

In 1631 the spire and part of the tower collapsed, and then repaired shortly afterwards. This was the last work performed on the fabric of the church.

Two restorations occurred during the 19th century, but both seem to have been sympathetically performed.

Chichele College

Chichele College, in Higham Ferrers, was founded by Henry Chichele, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1422 as a college for secular canons.The College had provision for 8 priests, 4 clerks and 6 choristers. Prayers were said for the King, the Queen, the Virgin Mary, St Thomas, St Edward, Henry Chichele’s parents and the souls of the faithful departed.In later times the college became and inn, and then later a farm. Only ruins survive today, save for one hall now used for artistic exhibitions.

The Bede House

About the year 1422, when planning his College at Higham Ferrers, Archbishop Henry Chichele founded "In a place adjoining the Vicarage and the Churchyard", his Bede House or Hospital to be a dwelling place for 12 men over 50 years old to live "in close company" with one woman to look after them.

It consisted of a common open Hall. Each man had his little cubicle with its locker, divided off by a screen from his fellows, and the rest of the Hall formed a common room with a fine open fireplace, itself a relic of even older times. On the South, a sheltered garden was added by taking part of the land of the Vicarage.

In those days, no old age pensions were provided by a welfare state, but Henry Chichele provided each old man and the woman with a pension of 1d per day, at a time when the working man’s wage was little more than 5 new pence a week, and the Bedesman’s silver penny was worth more than the modern pension.

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