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 is a city located in Yamaguchi Prefecturemarker, Japanmarker.

The city was founded three times: April 1, 1943 (1st generation), July 1, 1955 (2nd generation), and October 4, 2004 (3rd generation).

As of April 30, 2005, the city has an estimated population of 55,807. The total area is 91.94 km². The name Hikari itself means "brilliance" or "light" in Japanese.

It is connected by railroad with a train station and route 188.

Hikari is bounded with Yanaimarker, Kudamatsumarker, Shunan, Iwakuni, and Tabusemarker in the Kumage District. Yamato merged with the old Hikari to form the new city of Hikari on October 4, 2004.


Municipal timeline

  • October 1, 1940: The town of Shunan was renamed to Hikari.
  • April 1, 1943: The town merged with the town of Murozumi to form the city of Hikari (1st generation).
  • July 1, 1955: The city (1st generation) merged with the village of Suō to form the new city of Hikari (2nd generation).
  • April 10, 1957: The city lost parts of Tateno area to the village of Yamato.
  • October 4, 2004: The city (2nd generation) merged with the town of Yamato to form the new city of Hikari (3rd generation).


Hikari is one of the three cities to be founded for three times (Yamaguchi in Yamaguchi Prefecturemarker and Ichinoseki in Iwate Prefecturemarker are the other two).

  • Area: Codes:
    • 87+0820-20 through 69 in Hikari and Yamato
    • 87+0833-40 through 79 and 90 through 99 excluding Yamato.

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