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Hisashi (外村 尚, Tonomura Hisashi; born February 2, 1972 in Hirosaki, Aomorimarker) is the lead guitarist for the popular Japanese rock band GLAY. He used to be in a band named Ari (蟻) but they broke up before he joined GLAY. Together with his bandmate Jiro, the two of them are known for their visual efforts. However in recent years the pair have toned down their image, wearing more casual clothing and hairstyles.

Before GLAY became famous, Hisashi used to work in a game centre and convenience store, meeting with the rest of the band to perform in live houses in the night. His father, a surgeon, died while Hisashi was in high school.

Songs by Hisashi

  • Cynical (single "Ikiteku tsuyosa")
  • Doku Roku (album "REVIEW", with Takuro)
  • Neuromancer (single "a Boy ~zutto wasurenai)
  • ai (single "Soul Love")
  • Surf Rider (single "Missing You")
  • Denki Iruka Kimiyouna Shikou (album "ONE LOVE")
  • Prize (album "ONE LOVE")
  • Giant Strong Faust Super Star (single "Mata Kokode aimashou")
  • Brothel Creepers (single "Aitai Kimochi", with Takuro)
  • coyote, colored darkness (album "THE FRUSTRATED")
  • THE FRUSTRATED (album "THE FRUSTRATED", with Takuro, under the pseudonym "Kombinat-12")
  • HIGH COMMUNICATIONS (album "THE FRUSTRATED" with Takuro, under the pseudonym "Kombinat-12")
  • World's End (album "LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL")

Other works

  • He's been featured in works by other musicians: Yukinojo Mori's Poetic Revolution (track "Ango", with Takuro and Teru), "Letters", by Hikaru Utada, "Say Something", from the album In the Mood, and "Keep the Faith", from the album JUST MOVIN' ON~ALL THE -S-HIT, both by Kyosuke Himuro.

  • He made a short cameo in the movie Casshern, along with Takuro.

  • In 2007 Hisashi stopped his radio show "Cyber Net City", which was on air since 1999.

  • In December 12 2008, Hisashi was the special guest in the Blue Man Group show "Rock Day", Hisashi and the Blue Man Group played the piece "Time to Start" e Glay's song "However".

  • In January 2009, Hisashi starts his first TV regular segment "RX-72 ~ HISASHI (GLAY) VS 茂木淳一~", every last Monday of each month on "Music-On" TV channel, with comedian Junichi Mogi.


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