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The following is a list of locations often seen on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks.

Current Locations

Hollyoaks village

Hollyoaks is the main setting for the series. It is a fictional village in Chestermarker, Cheshiremarker. The majority of the characters live in the centre of the village, however some, for example the McQueens live just outside. Outside the centre includes Hollyoaks Comprehensive school and a number of flats in which many characters live or have lived. Also a cemetery, swimming pool and a number of houses. Many characters have been seen to go to nearby Manchestermarker for nights out or to get away with village stress.

Hollyoaks High School

Hollyoaks High School is the local comprehensive high school which includes a sixth form. The school is one of the main settings of Hollyoaks, with several characters being students and working within the school. Govinda Roy was the most recent headmaster and the current one is unknown. Other characters who have worked here include Becca Dean, Sally Hunter, Pete Webster, Tina Reilly, Russ Owen, Kathy Barnes and Jacqui McQueen. In November 2009, another local school named Abbey Hill will be forced to merge with it.

Current employees: Nancy Hayton, Des Townsend and Leo Valentine.

Current students: Theresa McQueen, Barry Newton, Anita Roy, Lauren Valentine, Gaz Bennett, Duncan Smith, Ricky Campbell, Rae and Sinclair.

Hollyoaks Community College

Hollyoaks Comminity College is the local college in Hollyoaks village, supplying teenagers with further education. It is located in the central Hollyoaks village and contains student halls of residence within its grounds. It also has an adjoining student union bar.

Current students: Hannah Ashworth, Josh Ashworth, Amy Barnes, Mike Barnes, Elliot Bevan, Archie Carpenter, Zoë Carpenter, Dave Colburn, Nancy Hayton, Lydia Hart, India Longford, Michaela McQueen, Hayley Ramsey, Zak Ramsey Charlotte Lau and Leila Roy.

SU Bar

The Student Union Bar is the ultra-popular watering hole for the village's expanding population of college students. The SU Bar is actually the same building that was used as Bar Brookie in Channel 4 soap Brookside.Charlotte Lau is the current manager.

Employees: Charlotte Lau.

The Dog in the Pond

The Dog in the Pond (briefly The Jolly Roger, commonly referred to as The Dog) Long-established local for village patrons old and new, scene of many a dramatic denouement and thunderous tantrum. The exterior of the bar resembles the Chester Rowsmarker. On September 8 2006, The Dog was caught in an explosion and the bar was destroyed in the fire. Darren, Steph, Craig and Jake were trapped inside and they nearly died. Five people died in the fire, and one was left in critical condition. Several months later, The Dog was re-built and re-opened with a new look. Jack Osborne the then landlord, hired Kris Fisher and Mercedes McQueen to wait tables. Jack left his son Darren Osborne to manage the pub for a short term, although Darren lost ownership of the pub after a game of poker with Warren Fox in December 2007. Around November 2008, Jack's wife Frankie Osborne decided to auction the pub and Warren and local businessman Neville Ashworth both auctioned for it. When it seemed Warren would get the Dog, Frankie set off the fire alarm and promised Neville that whatever he bid that was over £500,000, she would somehow pay it back. Neville won the auction and has rechristened the pub the Jolly Roger, which prompted the character of Spike to write in his local newspaper column that it was a gay night on the reopening. The name was changed back to the Dog in the Pond a few days later. Neville sacked his son Rhys Ashworth in 2009 after Rhys came home drunk. Neville hired Darren in his place; however, this is part of Darren's scheme to regain ownership of the pub for his father.

Owner: Neville Ashworth.

Employees: Suzanne Ashworth, Hannah Ashworth, Darren Osborne, Rhys Ashworth and Josh Ashworth.

The Loft

Ever controversial nightspot, which attracts just as much revelry as ribaldry. It has been owned by a number of residents including Scott Anderson who had arranged a number of dodgy deals in the premises before it was sold to Tony Hutchinson and his then wife Mandy Richardson to expand Il Gnosh, however it got too much for the couple especially after the birth of their daughter so they sold it to Max Cunningham. However when he had got involved with scheming Clare Devine he had to sign it over to her in order to get her out of his life. Before her departure in 2007 she sold it to Warren Fox.

One of the most dramatic events to have taken place at The Loft was in June 2007 when Justin Burton pushed Clare Devine from the balcony of the Loft in an attempt to kill her. This was done to avenge the deaths of his sisters Mel and Sophie Burton, who had died in the fire at The Dog In The Pond following a confrontation with Clare.

The Loft has survived fire, fights and a scheming attempt by Mercedes McQueen to gain compensation from Clare Devine after slipping whilst dancing on her hen night. There was also an incident when students suffered alcohol poisoning from unsafe cheap spirits being sold. The Loft was set on fire and burned down by Clare on 29 May, killing Warren Fox and leaving Hannah Ashworth in hospital. Spencer Gray inherited The Loft from Warren's will. It was rebuilt by Calvin Valentine and Malachy Fisher and was reopened in October.

Owner: Spencer Gray.

Employees: Calvin Valentine, Sasha Valentine, Mercedes Fisher Malachy Fisher and Jake Dean

Il Gnosh

Latest incarnation of the local cafe, currently pitching itself at the cosmopolitan Europhile rather than denizens of the greasy spoon. Formerly Gnosh Village (pronounced vil-arzh). Sometimes informally called just Gnosh. Before Tony Hutchinson bought the premises, it was known as Deva, the cafe run by the Morgan family.

Owner: Tony Hutchinson.

Employees: Dominic Reilly and Cindy Cunningham.

Drive 'n' Buy

Enduring convenience store that sells everything as long as it is in stock. The shop is family owned, and until mid-2006 was owned by Max Cunningham who inherited it from his late father Gordon Cunningham. After his death, Max ran the shop with his then-wife Clare Devine. However, wanting to spend more time with his family and making The Loft his main priority, Max sold the shop to Neville Ashworth and his family. Neville invested in the shop with his family, who he hoped would take turns working there.

Neville's son Rhys works in the shop during free periods at University. Rhys' best friend and the Ashworth's lodger, Gilly Roach, also works in the shop, but it is unclear whether he works there full or part-time. Frankie Osborne began working after The Dog was bought by Nev.

Owner: Neville Ashworth.

Employees: Frankie Osborne, Gilly Roach, Rhys Ashworth, Anita Roy, Ricky Campbell and Duncan Smith.


The Beauty Salon was owned by Louise Summers in partnership with her lover Warren Fox and formerly her husband Sean Kennedyuntil his demise. Sean had opened it with the intention of winning Louise back, he called it Evissa- the Spanish for Ibiza where he and Louise first met. Current employees includeCarmel McQueen as nail technician as a hair stylist, as well as Louise herself. Warren's sister Katy Fox worked there temporarily and previously the Burton twins had worked there until their deaths, Sophie Burton as a beautician and Mel Burton on the reception desk until she was sacked due to her alcohol problems. The Salon was burnt down in late 2007 by Ste Hay but was refurbished and began offering hairdressing services also. Bel Roy also works there. After Louise's death Warren gave the manager's position to Carmel. After Warren's death, Spencer Gray was left Evissa in Warren's will. Carmel was told she could run Evissa when it re-opened; she then hired her sister Michaela and her mother Myra, who was later sacked for theft.

Owner: Spencer Gray.

Employees: Carmel Valentine, Michaela McQueen, Myra McQueen, Jacqui McQueen, Chantelle.

Dee Valley Police Station

The local police station where Calvin Valentine and Carmel Valentine previously worked. Seen regularly when characters are arrested or questioned.

Dee Valley Hospital

The local NHS hospital where Suzanne Ashworth works as a nurse. It is seen regularly when characters are injured or ill.

Tan & Tumble

Local laundrette and tanning shop currently managed by Jacqui McQueen. Formerly known as Washed Up. Mike Barnes used to manage the place. Amy Barnes, used to help out, as did Michaela McQueen.

Washed Up used to be managed by Frankie Osborne who was helped by her children. She then hired Nicole Owen, before she left to work for better money at "Il Gnosh". Frankie sold the laundrette when she moved into The Dog In The Pond pub and the new owner hired Mike as the new manager. Helen Cunningham was also a manager in the past. Ash Roy later bought it from Tony Hutchinson, however sold it when he left Hollyoaks.


A juice bar located in the centre of the village owned by Steph Cunningham. It was formerly the Octagon which Tony Hutchinson had owned as part of Il Gnosh, until Max Cunningham had brought it from Tony after Max's ex-wife, Clare Devine conned him out of his previous business, The Loft. Max and his friend Sam "O.B." O'Brien named their new business M.O.B.S from conjoining their names together. Sasha Valentine worked there for a while until Max employed his soon-to-be wife Steph. O.B. has since left Hollyoaks to live in London with his girlfriend Summer Shaw and after Max's death in 2008, Cindy, Mandy and Steph took over the running of the business.

Previously, the Octagon was Max Cunningham's first business, and simply called The Octagon. When Max began a long-running feud with Tony Hutchinson it was named for a time "Gnot Gnosh", a pun on Tony's business ll Gnosh, opposite.

Owner: Steph Cunningham.

Employees: Cindy Cunningham, Jake Dean and Cheryl Brady.


The takeaway opened in 2008 which is owned by Ash Roy. Newt and Lauren are the current employees of Relish. In January 2009, Gaz Bennett burned down Relish as revenge on Ash. In June 2009, Ash, with the help of Caleb Ramsey, Zak Ramsey, Ravi Roy and Archie Carpenter, rebuilt Relish as a 50's style diner. Ash put Relish up for sale after leaving the village. Ravi later reopened Relish with Ste Hay as a new chef.

Owner: Ash Roy.

Employees: Ravi Roy, Ste Hay, Anita Roy, Barry Newton, Natty and Lauren Valentine.

Call centre

A call centre located just outside the main village. It was first introduced in July 2009. The manager is Sheila Buxton, who hired Zoe Carpenter, Sarah Barnes, Zak Ramsey and Kris Fisher, who she then promoted. Sarah quit after her first full day and Kris was forced to sack Zak. Zoe began to hate Kris due to his bossiness, however refused to quit as she needed a job. Zoe then made Kris see himself and how selfish he was acting, he then stood down from the assistant manager's position. Sheila then promoted Zoe, who quit when she got a better job offer, leaving Kris the only one of the group still working there. In October 2009, Zak returned and Elliot Bevan began working.

Manager: Sheila Buxton.

Employees: Kris Fisher, Elliot Bevan and Zak Ramsey.

Former Locations

Got it Taped

A video store that was run by Tony Hutchinson until he closed it after a cinema was opened in the village.

Parker's Restaurant

Local restaurant that used to be run by Maddie Parker.

Body Boost

Formerly owned by Richard Taylor, Body Boost was the local leisure centre where most of the H.C.C. students would go to blow off steam. It has included the likes of Becca Dean, Mandy Richardson, Clare Devine and Louise Summers who'd exercise regularly in the gym and Sonny Valentine who'd try to impress his then-boss Warren Fox. It was also where deranged Kathy Barnes pushed daughter Sarah into competing in various swimming events. One of the most memorable events in Body Boost was when Richard's daughter Darlene Taylor was pushed through a window by his partner's son Justin Burton, resulting in Darlene having to undergo surgery.

Body Boost was last seen in late 2007 when Sam "O.B" O'Brien was taking Tom Cunningham to swimming lessons in a bid to impress socialite Summer Shaw. This ended with Tom nearly drowning and O.B making friends with swimming instructor Simon Crosby.

As of 2009, it is not known who now owns or works at Body Boost. Former employees include Stuart Harding, Gilly Roach and Simon Crosby.

St. Timothy's Catholic Church

The Catholic church that is located outside of the village and was used throughout 2008. Kieron Hobbs was posted here before he left the Church to continue his relationship with John Paul McQueen, Father Raymond is once again the parish Priest. The church held the weddings of Steph Dean and Max Cunningham, as well as his funeral, and Carmel McQueen and Calvin Valentine. Various funerals have also been held in the church, characters including Tina Reilly, Warren Fox and Sarah Barnes.

St. Paul's Catholic Church

This was the modern Catholic Church that held the double weddings of Mercedes Fisher and Russ Owen and Tina Reilly and Dominic Reilly. The weddings were held by Father Raymond and were interrupted by Louise Summers. The Church has not been seen again and the next time a Catholic church was called for, it was replaced by St. Timothy's (a much older Church). It does not explain however why Father Raymond appeared to changes parishes.

St. Eustace's Catholic Church

This was the Catholic Church that a 14 year old Myra McQueen was forced to abandon her first born son Matthew. Father Patrick used to be the priest there but in recent years the Church had become abandoned. However in 2008, Niall kidnapped all of his siblings and his mother and held them hostage inside the church, he then blew it up. The church is now in a state of disrepair and has not been seen again.

Homes often seen

The Dog in the Pond

1 Stockton Lane

The local pub (briefly named The Jolly Roger), also the current residency for Neville Ashworth, his son wife, Suzanne, and Suzanne son Rhys Ashworth along with his best friend Gilly also lives at the pub Suzanne and Neville's other son Josh Ashworth and Hannah Ashworth also lived there but recently move out,but Hannah did move back in again. Living there before the Ashworths were Jack and Frankie Osborne, along with Jack's son Darren, Frankie's children Jake, Debbie, Steph and Craig, however all of Frankie's kids had moved out one by one. Jake's presumed son Charlie and Jack and Frankie's teenage foster son Barry Newton also lived there . The bar was burnt down on 8 September 2006 with Darren, Steph, Craig Jake and many of the pubs regulars trapped inside and 5 people died. It was then revamped and re-opened. Darren Osborne was giving part of the pub by his dad as a gesture but lost ownership of it pub in a game of poker with Warren Fox in December 2007 but it has since been restored to the Osborne's following a raid and robbery at the pub this lead to Jack faking his own death so he'd could raise the money to buy it back eventually he and Darren got sent to prison so Frankie had to sell it to the Ashworths.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Neville Ashworth 2008—
Suzanne Ashworth 2008—
Rhys Ashworth 2008—
Gilly Roach 2008—
Hannah Ashworth 2008–2010
Duncan Smith 2009—

Apartments on the City Wall

1 Oakdale Drive

The home of Tony Hutchinson and his brother Dominic Reilly. In July 2007, Jacqui Malota, Aleksander Malota, Carmel McQueen and Tina Reilly all moved in causing very cramped conditions. Since then Carmel and Aleksander have moved out and Tina and Dom moved out after a row over baby Max.After Tina and Dom were given baby Max ,Jacqui moved out for a short time only to reconcile with Tony.Now Tina has died Jacqui has Max and moved back home with her mum Myra McQueen, leaving Tony there on his own. Later Dom moved back in. In 2009, one of Tony's employees, Ste Hay, was left homeless so Tony gave him a place to stay but was kicked out after an argument. After Cindy Cunningham married Tony, she and daughter Holly moved in.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Tony Hutchinson 2005—
Dominic Reilly 2005–2008, 2009—
Cindy Hutchinson 2009—
Holly Hutchinson 2009—

2 Oakdale Drive

Former home of the Davies family, then the Burton/Taylor clan but is now currently occupied by Leo Valentine and his children: Calvin, Sasha and Lauren. Purchased by Calvin, Sonny and Sasha's mother Diane Valentine, who died a few days after the family moved in, the ownership has since been handed over to her estranged husband Leo. Leo's two other children, Sonny and Danny have also lived there at some point. Calvin's wife Carmel moved in in 2008. In February 2009 Carmel Valentine had moved out after she had found out that husband Calvin had been dodgy deals for bad boy Warren Fox. Sasha Valentine also moved out in May 2009 to live with older boyfriend Warren Fox but later moved back in with his foster brother Spencer Gray after Warrens death. Spencer was later put him in a care home and Cheryl Brady moved in when she was kicked out of halls.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Calvin Valentine 2006—
Sasha Valentine 2006—
Leo Valentine 2006—
Lauren Valentine 2007—
Cheryl Brady 2009—

3 Oakdale Drive

Former home to the Owen family and now home to the Barnes family. Mike and Sarah moved in when it was revealed that Kathy had slept with Rhys. Amy joined them days later after an argument with her mum. When Mike decided to forgive Kathy, they sold their old house and Kathy moved in to join her family in their new home. Kathy then divorced from Mike, therefore leaving Hollyoaks and Amy moved out to live with then boyfriend Ste. Zoe Carpenter moved in when she didn't have a place to stay and her and Mike began a relationship. Amy has recently moved back in after being beaten up by Ste. In April 2009 after giving birth to son Lucas, Amy Barnes had run away abandoning her children Lucas and Leah with her family as she felt she needed space and couldn't cope. Sarah died in October 2009 after a parachute jump that was sabotaged by Lydia Hart. Mike invited Lydia to stay at the family home not knowing she murdered his daughter.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Mike Barnes 2006—
Amy Barnes 2006—
Leah Barnes 2007—
Lucas Hay 2009—
Lydia Hart 2009—

Flats above Drive 'n' Buy

12 Tatton Crescent

Bought originally by Max Cunningham, who lived there with his half-brother Tom and best friend Sam "O.B." O'Brien. Max's first wife Clare Devine lived there also but moved after they split up. OB then left to live with his girlfriend Summer Shaw whilst Max's new girlfriend Steph Dean moved in. Max died on he and Steph's wedding day in June 2008. His sisters Mandy Richardson and Cindy Cunningham, with there daughters Ella Richardson and Holly Cunningham briefly moved in. Steph's mother Frankie Osborne, stepfather Jack Osborne, and foster brother Barry Newton also moved in when they became homeless. In October 2009, Cindy moved in with Tony Hutchinson whilst Steph, Jack, Newt and Tom moved into 65 Christleton Terrace. The flat was then rented to the Roy family and Ste Hay.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Ravi Roy 2009—
Leila Roy 2009—
Anita Roy 2009—
Ste Hay 2009—

Flats above Evissa

21 Eastham Crescent

Formerly the marital home of Jake and Becca Dean. Becca's sister Nancy Hayton moved in with them after Becca's affair with Justin Burton was revealed. Jake moved out and Justin moved in for a short time. However Becca dumped Justin not long after. When Becca was killed, Jake moved back in with baby son Charlie Dean. Jake was later sectioned and Charlie went to live with Frankie Osborne. Russ Owen also moved in following his marriage breakdown but left in June 2009. In May 2009 after a fight with her family, Hannah Ashworth moved in, Nancy also invited Zoe Carpenter to move in after failing her degree and moving out of halls however she was wrongfully put into prison, Loretta Jones moved in. Nancy was later given custody of Charlie and she asked Hannah and Loretta to leave after a falling out.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Nancy Hayton 2005—
Charlie Dean 2007, 2009—

9 Eastham Crescent

Owned and previously occupied by Louise Summers and Warren Fox, it was more recently the home of Warren, his sister Katy and her boyfriend Justin Burton. When Louise and Warren became a couple, she moved back in. Katy had then left Hollyoaks and Justin moved out. Louise had also fled Hollyoaks after finding out about Warren's affair with her best friend Mandy Richardson . The most recent occupants are Warren Fox and his foster brother Spencer who came to live with him after his "wedding" to Louise. When Warren died, Sasha Valentine moved back in with her family and let Spencer Gray stay with them. The flat was rented to Zak Ramsey, Kris Fisher, Archie Carpenter and Elliot Bevan. Archie was kicked out when he tried to steal Warren's bag of money however moved back in when he had no where else to go.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Kris Fisher 2009—
Zak Ramsey 2009—
Elliot Bevan 2009—
Archie Carpenter 2009—

Halls Of Residence

Student flat owned by Hollyoaks Community College, and other than the summer it is generally occupied by five first and second year students at the college. Upon entering their third year, former second year students move into different accommodation to make room for new freshers. The residency of this flat is as tangled as the relationships of those who live in it, and changes often happen. In 2009, freshers Charlotte Lau, Josh Ashworth, Dave Colburn and India Longford moved in with second year student Hayley Ramsey.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Hayley Ramsey 2009—
Josh Ashworth 2009—
Charlotte Lau 2009—
Dave Colburn 2009—
India Longford 2009—


65 Christleton Terrace

Once owned by The Hunters: Les, Sally, Ellie, Dan, Lisa & Lee. Later occupied by Neville and Suzanne Ashworth with their three children Rhys, Hannah and Josh. Neville's father Bill moved in after Josh and Fletch saw how unhappy he was at the retirement home he lived at. Rhys's best friend, Gilly Roach lodged with them when they first arrived for close to a year, until Rhys kicked him out. This occurred after Gilly blabbed that Rhys had slept with Kathy Barnes whilst they were arguing over Kathy's daughter Sarah. They buried the hatchet three months later and Rhys invited Gilly back. Gilly then moved in after Beth died, and Rhys moved out. Suzanne's nephew Fletch also stayed for a few nights when battling his drug addiction.

The Ashworth family moved into The Dog, and the house was rented by the Roy family: Govinda, Bel, Ash, Ravi, Leila and Anita. Ash left Hollyoaks and Bel and Govinda also left for Middlesbroughmarker. Ravi, Leila and Anita were then kicked out of their home by Neville as they could not afford the rent. Jack and Frankie Osborne moved in with Jake Dean, Barry Newton, Steph Cunningham and Tom Cunningham Jake's girlfriend also moved in.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Jack Osborne 2009—
Frankie Osborne 2009—
Jake Dean 2009—
Barry Newton 2009—
Steph Cunningham 2009—
Tom Cunningham 2009—
Loretta Jones 2009-

26 Leigh Road

Originally Home to members of the McQueen family: Myra, Mercedes, Jacqui, Michaela,Tina, and John Paul. Russ Owen, the husband of Mercedes, also moved in after his family moved away but then left to live with Nancy Hayton after their marriage breakdown. Jacqui's husband Aleksander Malota moved in when he and Jacqui got engaged but moved out to return to his home country after their 'marriage' fell apart. Both Jacqui and Tina moved in with their partners Tony and Dom, respectively but Tina and Dom later returned. John Paul moved out of the house in July 2008 in order to live with his then boyfriend Kieron. When Kieron died, John Paul moved back in for a short time but left to live with his boyfriend Craig in Dublin. Carmel moved out to live with her newly married husband Calvin Valentine and his family. When Max McQueen was born, he lived with the family. Tina was killed in a church explosion caused by Niall Rafferty. Myra's niece Theresa moved in when her mother was sent to prison, Malachy Fisher also moved in after marrying Mercedes and Jacqui moved back in after her relationship with Tony fell apart.

Myra and Michaela McQueen briefly moved out in 2009 as they vermin and moved in with Mike Barnes and his daughter Sarah Barnes but later returned. Carmel also moved back in after she discovered husband Calvin Valentine had been lying to her. Max was taken by his father Russ, who left Hollyoaks. Anita Roy moved in briefly after her and her family had nowhere to live.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Myra McQueen 2006—
Mercedes Fisher 2006—
Jacqui McQueen 2006—
Carmel Valentine 2006—
Michaela McQueen 2006—
Theresa McQueen 2008—
Malachy Fisher 2009—

Council Flat B

The flat is currently owned by Neville Ashworth. He rented it to Frankie Osborne and Barry Newton in December 2008. Frankie and Newt later moved out to move in with Steph and Tom. Darren Osborne later moved in after Jack Osborne kicked him out. Later on Loretta Jones moved in but went to live with Nancy Hayton a few months after. When Jake Dean was released from a mental institute, he moved in with Darren, but later moved out.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Darren Osborne 2009—
Hannah Ashworth 2009—

Former homes

6 Ranley Mews

The Barnes family's former home.

Modern Flat

Formally Occupied by Clare Devine and later Niall Rafferty. Michaela McQueen was also a resident for a while. Father Kieron Hobbs and John Paul McQueen also lived here until Kieron was murdered by Niall and John Paul left for Dublin. This was also used in Hollyoaks: In The City as Tank Top and Adam's flat.

Council Flat A

Originally occupied by Ste Hay and Amy Barnes. Recently Amy moved out with baby Leah after being abused By Ste. Justin Burton then moved in after being homeless, and they were later joined by Dominic Reilly after his wife Tina's death. Dom later moved back in with his brother Tony Hutchinson. Justin Burton left Hollyoaks in June 2009 to start a new life Ste lived there with alone with Lucas for a short while until friends Abi and Daniel Raven invited him to move in with him them unbeknown to Ste they plot to take Lucas. The flat is now empty.

Flat 3

The flat belonging to Abi and Daniel Raven, first seen in 2009. In July 2009, Ste Hay and son Lucas Hay moved in. Due to Abi and Daniel's departures from the show, it has not been seen again.


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