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This article is about Hollywood High school, a secondary school. For the computer game, see Hollywood High.
Hollywood High School is a Los Angeles Unified School District high school located on the intersection of Highland Avenue and Sunset Boulevard in the Hollywoodmarker district of Los Angelesmarker, Californiamarker.

The school serves Hollywood, Beachwood Canyon, and Outpost Estatesmarker. Some areas (including sections of West Hollywoodmarker) are jointly zoned to Hollywood High School and Fairfax High School.

Hollywood High School was established in 1903. The school, which covers grades 9 through 12, is a part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The current principal of the school is Jaime Morales.

The school's colors are crimson and white and its mascot is The Sheik, based on the Rudolph Valentino movie, The Sheik.

The Hollywood High Organ Opus 481 was a gift from the class of 1924. After suffering severe water damage from the Northridge earthquake in 1994, it was restored in 2002.

Bancroft Middle School and Le Conte Middle School feed into Hollywood High School.

School's Educational System

Hollywood High School is a school with many small learning communities. The reason for this is to give more attention to each individual student and their talents and allows the counselors to motivate their students to 'achieve the honorable'.

School for Advanced Studies (SAS)

"Hollywood High's School for Advanced Studies (SAS) is part of a district-wide program designed to increase educational options and to support the development of gifted and talented youth. The program offers an intensive academic curriculum of both innovative and traditional courses. Students emerge from this challenging and stimulating college-preparatory environment with the analytical rigor and skills necessary to ensure their success at the university level." Many of the Korean parents know this Small Learning Community as an Young-Je Ban or AKA 'Smart Class or Genius Class' its real translation of SAS is (진보된 학문을 위한 학교) literally Schools for Advanced Studies.

SAS Counselor - Heather Brown

Performing Arts Magnet(PAM)

"The Hollywood Performing Arts Center enables its students to study the arts and to realize the value of the role that the arts play in the human experience. Students acquire and extend their knowledge, develop their potential for lifelong amateur or professional endeavors in the arts. Students recognize the arts as an essential part of the curriculum and as an important component in the enrichment of their lives."

PAM Counselor - Elizabeth Payne

Media and Technology (M&T)

"With A-G academic achievement as our foundation, the Media and Technology SLC willprepare students for a productive future in the competitive global marketplace. Studentswill be empowered in the decisions that affect their academic and career preparation byemphasizing knowledge of computer technology, communication skills across multipleprofessional fields and career pathways, critical thinking skills, intrinsic motivation, self-discipline, and accountability. Parents/guardians and community partners will beengaged in contributing to a dynamic learning environment through a community basedcouncil."

M&T Counselor - Tony Aldana

Health Nutrition Arts and Science(HNAS)

"Our vision of this program is to create a family-like atmosphere, integrating academicand health, nutrition, arts and sciences (HNAS) career education, while establishing and maintaining strong business partnerships. We value an education in which every student will develop positive character traits, becoming responsible and respectful citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and lifelong community contributors striving for academic and “real-world” success. Using content standards and pacing plans, HNAS teachers will plan specific integrated lessons. Each of the academic classes will provide a rigorous curriculum, using the career content as a theme and achieving authenticity. Our students will be able to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of the essential knowledge and skills they have learned in our SLC. Our beliefs as a school are to create an environment that will build student self-esteem and skills using various strategies in and out of the classroom. Students will have multiple options upon graduation including further culinary training, direct entry into career-related work and higher education. They will have professional-level technical proficiency, an understanding of nutrition and a broad-based academic foundation. We believe that students should be held to high standards both academically and morally at all times, to ensure academic achievement."

HNAS Counselor - Cynthia Ross

Teaching Career Academy (TCA)& Social Justice Academy (SJA)

-Teaching Career Academy-

"The Teaching Career Academy is a Small Learning Community focusing on a dedicatedcommunity of learners who will participate in interdisciplinary, project based curriculum through creative and rigorous strategies to ensure students work at grade level standards, meet high school graduation requirements, complete A-G college entrance requirements, and prepare for college, a teaching career and/or other fulfilling career choices magnifying students’ unique strengths."

-Social Justice-

'Social Justice Students discover their personal power to fight for justice for themselves, their families and their communities.''Social Justice Students learn their rights and expand pride in their culture. Knowing their culture. Knowing their rights and self-worth, SJ students make the most of all opportunities available to them for the rest of their lives" - 2009 Hollywood High School Student agenda.

SJ&TCA Counselor - Jaime Arevalo


Hollywood High School is a famous landmark and popular for skateboarders, which has a 12 set on one side and a 16 set behind it. It has appeared in many movies, including Menikmati (2000), This is Skateboarding (2002), Yeah Right (2003), Round Three (2004), Forecast (2004), Lakai Fully Flared (2007), and Nancy Drew (2007).

Some tricks down the 12
  • Andrew Reynolds - Fakie Kickflip, Nollie Kickflip, Nollie Back 180 and Switch Frontside Flip
  • Eric Koston - Nollie to Front Noseblunt
  • Paul Rodriguez - Switch Kickflip & Switch Frontside Heel
  • Chris Haslam - Kickflip to Back Smith
  • Jamie Thomas - Front Smith, Front 180 to Front Nosegrind
  • Arto Saari - Backs Smith
  • Chris Cole - Back 270 to Front Lip,
  • Dustin Dollin - Kickflip to Back Crooked, Front Blunt
  • Jim Greco - Nollie Backside Flip
  • Evan Hernandez - Kickflip and Switch Ollie
  • Ramiro "Furby" Salcedo - Half-Cab Kickflip, Nollie Backside 180 Heelflip
  • Greg Lutzka - Front 270 to Front Board to Fakie
  • Bryan Herman - Front OverCrooked, Stalefish
  • Theotis Beasley - BS Heel
  • KeChaud Johnson - 360 Flip
  • Alan Almazan - Kickflip Front Blunt
Some tricks down the 16
  • Dan Modern - Frontside Flip
  • Andrew Reynolds - Ollie, Front Lip, Front 180 , Kickflip and a Frontside Flip over the rail
  • Arto Saari - Switch Front Board
  • Jamie Thomas - Back Lip
  • Chris Cole - Switch Front 180, Noseblunt and Tucknee
  • Dustin Dollin - Back Blunt to Fakie
  • Braydon Szafranski - Front 5-0
  • Joey Poiriez - Front Tail
  • Ramiro "Furby" Salcedo - Switch Ollie
  • KeChaud Johnson - Frony Smith Grind and Front Lip
  • Carlos Lastra - Double Kickflip
  • Nick Meliszewski - Varial Heelflip
  • DJ Fort - Front Blunt
  • Nyjah Huston - Back Feeble
  • Alan Almazan - Back Noseblunt
  • Stephen Carmona - Kickflip Back Feeble, Nollie Front Feeble, and Nollie Late Front Shuv
  • Alex Nurkin- Kickflip back lip
  • TJ Gonzales- Firecracker, backside suski

Notable alumni

Hollywood High School has over 500 notable graduates or attendees, including:


Hollywood High was also used as the site for a skit on Penn & Teller: Bullshit! series on Showtime. (Season 5, Episode 1, "Obesity")

Hollywood High School is seen in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and in the Nancy Drew 2007 film.

Hollywood High School appears in the movie Made, written and directed by Jon Favreau.


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