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Hormuzan ( ) was the satrap of Susianamarker, a noble and a Marzban as well as one of the spahbods at the Battle of al-Qādisiyyahmarker. He was taken as prisoner by the Muslims.


Hormuzan was a wealthy satrap of Susiana. Form one of the seven houses. He was related to the Parthians. Being proud of this rich heritage Hormuzan was permitted to wear a crown upon his head. However it was smaller than the Kings. During the advent of Islam, Hormuzan was checking if his province was safe (due to the fact that it was one of the richest in Iran). At the battle of The Battle of al-Qādisiyyah he commanded the right flank of the army. Homuzan however regrouped and fought at the battle of Jaula. He then fought and escaped capture in the region, while many of his forces were killed by the Arab Muslims. He finally surrendered in 642 AD and was taken to Medina where he tricked the Caliph Omar into sparing his life. He embraced Islam and was given a pension. While in Medina he advised Caliph Umar in making important fiscal and institutional changes. He was killed by the son of Umar after wrongly being accused of involvement in a plot to kill Umar Caliph. His killing was ignored by Uthman, but Ali strongly protested to Uthman and threatened that he would carry out legal punishment for murder if he ever gained the position to do so.


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