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Horsham is a constituency represented in the House of Commonsmarker of the Parliament of the United Kingdommarker. It elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election.


The constituency is located in a northern part of West Sussexmarker, bordering the constituencies of Arundel and South Downsmarker, Mid Sussexmarker and Crawleymarker. It is centred around the town of Horshammarker.

Boundary review

Following their review of parliamentary boundaries in West Sussexmarker, the Boundary Commission for England has made alterations to all existing constituencies to deal with population changes. The modified Horsham constituency is created with the following electoral wards:

  • The Horsham district wards of Billingshurstmarker and Shipley, Broadbridge Heathmarker, Denne, Forest, Holbrook East, Holbrook West, Horsham Park, Itchingfield, Slinfold and Warnham, Nuthurst, Roffey North, Roffey South, Rudgwick, Rusper and Colgate, Southwater, and Trafalgar
  • The Mid Sussexmarker wards of Ardingly and Balcombe, Copthorne and Worth, and Crawley Down and Turners Hill


Horsham has existed as a constituency for three distinct periods. It first sent members to Parliament in 1295. However, the constituency was abolished in 1918 to make way for Horsham and Worthing. In 1945 the constituency was recreated, until 1974 when Horsham and Crawleymarker was created. In 1983 the constituency of Horsham was again created and has existed since.

Members of Parliament

MPs 1660-1832

Year First member First Party Second member Second Party
1660 Thomas Middleton Hall Ravenscroft
1661 Sir John Covert Henry Chowne
1669 Orlando Bridgeman
1679 Anthony Eversfield John Michell
1681 John Machell
1685 Anthony Eversfield
1690 Thomas White
1695 Henry Yates
January 1701 Henry Cowper
November 1701 John Wicker
1702 Henry Cowper
1705 Charles Eversfield
1707 Henry Goring
1708 John Wicker
1710 John Middleton
1713 Charles Eversfield
January 1715 Sir Henry Goring
June 1715 The Viscount of Irvine Arthur Ingram (of Barrowby)
1721 Charles Eversfield
1722 The Viscount of Irvine
1737 General Charles Ingram
1741 Sir Richard Mill
1747 Charles Ingram
1748 Sir Lionel Pilkington
1763 Robert Pratt
1768 James Grenville
1770 James Wallace
1774 Jeremiah Dyson
1776 The Earl of Drogheda
September 1780 Viscount Lewisham
November 1780 Sir George Osborn
1783 James Crauford
1784 Jeremiah Crutchley Philip Metcalfe
1790 Sir Timothy Shelley, 2nd Baronet of Castle Goring Whig Wilson Braddyll
1792 Lord William Gordon James Baillie
1793 William Fullarton
1796 Sir John MacPherson James Fox-Lane
1802 Edward Hilliard Patrick Ross
1804 Viscount FitzHarris
1806 Francis John Wilder Love Jones-Parry
1807 Sir Samuel Romilly Whig
1808 Joseph Marryat Henry Goulburn
1812 Sir Arthur Leary Piggott Robert Hurst
1818 George Richard Phillips
1820 Sir John Aubrey
1826 Henry Fox
1827 Nicholas Ridley-Colborne
1829 The Earl of Arundel
  • Representation reduced to one (1832)

MPs 1832-1945

Election Member Party
1832 Robert Henry Hurst
1841 Robert Scarlett
1844 by-election Robert Henry Hurst
1847 John Jervis
1848 by-election William Robert Seymour Vesey Fitzgerald
1848 by-election Edward George Fitzalan-Howard Liberal
1852 William Robert Seymour Vesey Fitzgerald
1865 Robert Henry Hurst
1868 John Aldridge
1869 Robert Henry Hurst
1874 Sir William Robert Seymour Vesey-Fitzgerald
1875 by-election Robert Henry Hurst
1876 by-election James Clifton Brown
1880 Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher Conservative
1885 Sir Walter Barttelot Conservative
1893 by-election John Heywood Johnstone Conservative
1904 by-election Viscount Turnour (Earl Winterton from 1907) Conservative
1918 Constituency abolished: see Horsham and Worthing

MPs 1945-1974

Election Member Party
1945 Earl Winterton Conservative
1951 Frederick Gough Conservative
1964 Peter Hordern Conservative
Feb 1974 constituency abolished: see Horsham and Crawleymarker

MPs 1983-Present

Election Member Party
1983 Sir Peter Hordern Conservative
1997 Francis Maude Conservative

Election results

This constituency underwent boundary changes between the 1992 and 1997 general elections and thus change in share of vote is based on a notional calculation.


  1. After the 1868 election, petitions were lodged against both candidates and Aldridge chose not to defend his claim so Hurst was declared elected in 1869


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