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A hot dog stand is a food business stand that sells hot dogs, usually from an external counter on a public thoroughfare such as a road, street, ballpark, mall or food court.

Similar businesses include hot dog wagons or carts, which are portable hand carts with a boiler for cooking the hot dogs and keeping them hot, and hot dog trucks, which are motor vehicles that are set up on a road side location, and often include a complete kitchen for storage and preparation.

These businesses (particularly the mobile, cart kind) are often found in sports stadiums, alongside non-limited access roads, or on the streets of major American cities, such as New York Citymarker, Los Angelesmarker and Chicagomarker.

Torontomarker is one of the few cities in the world where hot dog stands are the only type of street food available, though this may change in 2009.

In popular culture

There is a computer game by Sunburst Communications named "Hot Dog Stand." In it, the player attempts to operate a hot dog stand at a sports arena.

"Hot Dog Stand" was the name of a particularly well-remembered and gaudy color scheme for the Windows 3.1 operating system that used vivid red and yellow in combination with white and black reminiscent of a hot dog vendor's cart.

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Note that the mass majority of these various hot dog stands are located in California.

Image:Pinks Hot Dogs.jpg|Pink's Hot Dogs, Hollywood, CAImage:Tail-o-thePup.jpg|Tail-o-the-Pup, Los Angeles, CAImage:Cupid's Hot Dogs, Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, California.JPG|Cupid's, Tarzana, CAImage:Hot Dog Stand in Reseda.JPG|Home Plate, Reseda, CAImage:Happy Dogs Van Nuys.JPG|Happy Dogs, Van Nuys, CAImage:Hdos-sm.jpg|Original Hot Dog Stick, Santa Monica, CAImage:Papaya-King.jpg|Papaya King, New York, NYImage:Coney Island 2007.JPG|Colorado Hot Dog StandmarkerImage:Original Nathans.JPG|Original Nathan's, Coney Island, NYImage:WeenieBeenie.jpg|Weenie Beenie, Arlington, VAImage:The Varsity night.jpg|The Varsity, Atlanta, GAImage:Superdawg exterior.jpg|Superdawg, Chicago, ILImage:TheDirtyOinOakland.jpg|The Original Hot Dog Shopmarker, Pittsburgh, PAmarkerImage:Dognsudssign.jpg|Dog-n-Suds, Graystake, ILImage:Wiener Factory, Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA.JPG|Wiener Factory, Sherman Oaks, CAImage:Rutts Hut.jpg|Rutt's Hutmarker, Clifton, NJ

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