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A hotshot can refer to:

  • Said of a person, it may indicate a skilled performer in a sport (such as golf, basketball or baseball) that involves shooting or aiming, or more generally a skilled workman. As a slang term, it designates a skillful, showy, fast-working and aggressive person, unusually good or extraordinary or formidable, especially one holding a position of importance or prominence by exercise of skill, adroitness, showiness and aggression. Sometimes called hot stuff (slang) or hotshit (usually considered vulgar).
  • A Hotshot is a type of character personality.
  • In delivery/business, a hotshot is a replacement for a sold out product that was not restocked due to a failure to order more.
  • In slang terms, it can refer to a dose of opiates which is lethally strong or laced with poison.
  • In railroading, a hotshot is a colloquial term for a fast, nonstop, through freight train scheduled to travel a long distance at high speed, usually hauling merchandise or perishables. Generally such trains are given priority over slower local trains, which are stopped or moved to another track to let a hotshot train pass. See: Rail terminology.
  • In non-rail transit delivery, hotshot is a colloquial term for a type of delivery that is reserved for immediate need and is very costly. Typically, a specific item or items will be ordered for hotshot and the seller will immediately place those items en route with a dedicated carrier for direct delivery. Common in medical and other time-sensitive fields.
  • A very fast airplane or vehicle may be called a hotshot.
  • In wildland firefighting, a hotshot crew is a term for a 20-person hand crew specially organized to travel from fire to fire across the country in remote areas as needed. Originally a colloquial term for interagency or interregional fire crews in the United States, "hotshot" is nowadays the official term for such crews. Hotshot is also the term for an individual member of a hotshot crew. See: Glossary of wildland fire terms.
  • Hotshot is a term often used by farmers and ranchers in reference to an electric cattle prod, in order to distinguish them from a regular fiberglass prod.
  • A 1978 disco hit by Karen Young
  • Hot Shot , a 2000 album by Shaggy
  • Hot Shot, a fictional character from the Transformers: Armada animated series.
  • Hot Shots! is a comedy film which is largely a parody of Top Gun.
  • A Barbershop Quartet - in the Barbershop Harmony Societymarker - named HotShots [155836]- Ranked Top 20 at the 2008 International Convention in Nashville, TNmarker [155837]
  • Hotshot , a 1987 film starring Jim Youngs and PelĂ©
  • A hotshot can refer to a spray of Mace (or pepper spray).
  • A layered drink (also known as Galliano Hot Shot) with Galliano in the bottom, then hot coffee, and finally whipped cream on the top.
  • A thermal imaging camera produced by Electrophysics in Fairfield, NJ.

  • A Belfast sandwich bar company famous for its "3 or Free" slogan promising free food if a customer's sandwich isn't ready in 3 minutes.

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