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The House of Barcelona (Casa d'Aragona in Italian history) was a medieval dynasty that ruled the County of Barcelona continuously from 878 and the Crown of Aragon from 1137 (as kings from 1162). According to one proposed genealogy, they were the Bellonids; certainly since the twelfth century they have been regarded as the descendants of Wifred the Hairy. They inherited most of the Catalan counties by the thirteenth century and established a territorial Principality of Cataloniamarker, uniting it with the Kingdom of Aragonmarker through marriage and conquering numerous other lands and kingdoms until the death of the last legitimate male of the main branch, Martin the Humanist, in 1410. Cadet branches of the house continued to rule Urgell (since 992) and Gandia. Cadet branches of the dynasty had also ruled Ausona intermittently from 878 until 1111, Provence from 1112 to 1245, and Sicily from 1282 to 1409. By the Compromise of Caspe of 1412 the Crown of Aragon passed to a branch of the House of Trastámara, descended from the infanta Eleanor of the house of Barcelona.

Titles of the House of Barcelona and date of acquisition

This list does not include titles held by the early Bellonids that did not remain with the family during the tenth century.

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