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House of Branković or Brankovići was a Serbian medieval noble family. The family claimed descent via female line through marriage from the Royal House of Nemanjić. The family rise to prominence during the time of disintegration of Serbian Empire under the last ruler of House of Nemanjić. The original family domains were centred around Kosovomarker region, one of the heartlands of medieval Serbian state. Later members of the house extended their rule over all remaining independent regions of Serbia making them the last souvenir rulers of medieval Serbian state. The dynasty ruling over Despotate of Serbia from 1427 to 1459.

Members of this house intermarried with other noble houses from neighbouring countries including Austrian and Hungarian nobility, and providing at least one wife to Ottoman Sultan.

The surname Branković survives today in Serbia, and bares of this surname can still claim some relation to the noble house with a certain degree of certainty. Especially these living in regions of northern Kosovo.

Some of the family members were:

Family Tree


  • Unknown
*Nikola, Serb župan in Northern Albaniamarker
*Vojvoda Mladen, ruled Trebinjemarker and Dračevicamarker
:*Ratislava, married Altoman Vojinović


* Vuk Branković, Knez of Rascia-Kosovo, married Marija Lazarević
:* Đurađ Vuković Branković, Duke of Rascia (1427-1456) and Albaniamarker
::* Todor
::* Grgur, married Jelisaveta N
:::* Vuk Grgurević, a Hungarian general, married Varvara Frangepan (illegitimate)
::* Stefan III "the Blind", Despot of Rascia (20 June 1458 - 8 April 1459), exiled from Serbia 1459, a saint of the Serbian church, married Angelina Araniti
:::* Đorđe, Hungarian Despot of Rascia (Raitzen), Archbishop of Belgrade
::::* Jelisaveta, married Alessio Span, Lord of Drivasto and Polog
:::* Jovan, Despot of Rascia, married Jelena Jaksić
::::* Marija, married Ferdinand Frangepan
::::* Jelena, married Peter IV Rares, Lord of Siebenbuergen and the Moldau
::::* Hanna
::::* Maria Magdalena
:::* Marija, married Mongrave Bonifacio III of Montferrat
:::* Milica, married Neagoe Basarab, prince of Wallachia
::* Lazar II, Despot of Rascia 24 December 1456 - 20 June 1458), married Jelena Palaiologina
:::* Jelena, married Stjepan Tomašević
:::* Jerina, married Giovanni Castriota, Duca di San Pietro
:::* Milica
::* Jelena
::* Mara, married Murad II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
::* Katarina, married Ulrich II, Count of Celjemarker
:* Grgur
:* Lazar
* Grgur
* Nikola, married Jelena Mrnjavčević
* Teodora, married Gjergj Thopia, Prince of Durazzo

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