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Hu Mei ( ; born September 2, 1958 in Beijing) is a Chinesemarker director and producer. She is usually classed as a Fifth Generation director, since she graduated from the Directors' class of the 1982 Beijing Film Academy cohort. She is a classmate of more famous Fifth Generation directors like Chen Kaige and Tian Zhuangzhuang.

In 1997, she directed the TV series Yongzheng Dynasty (Yongzheng Wangchao) which became a phenomenal hit in Mainland China. She has since directed a number of high-profile TV series, including Han Wu Da Di. She was selected to direct an upcoming remake of A Dream of the Red Chamber but withdrew from the job. She is currently engaged in making Confucius, a film starring Chow Yun-Fat in the title role.


Hu Mei used to be an actress in the Modern Drama Troupe of the General Political Division of People's Liberation Army. Her father was a conductor and mother was a singer, and Hu Mei was trained to play the piano from a very young age. When the Beijing Film Academy reopened in 1978, she enrolled for the directing class under her father's encouragement.

After graduation in 1982, she was assigned to the Bayi Film Studio. In 1984, she made her first film Women's Chamber (女儿楼, Nü'er Lou). Two years later, her film Times Away from War (远离战争的年代, Yuanli Zhanzheng de Niandai), said to be the first psychological film in the PRC, won her a number of international awards.

Hu Mei very nearly went to Francemarker to pursue a doctorate in film, but abandoned the idea in the last minute. She spent nearly ten years doing commercials, began directing more commercialized films, until her chance to direct Yongzheng Dynasty. Since then, she is considered a top-tiered TV series director in China.



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