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HMB-1 in San Diego, June 2005.
The Hughes Mining Barge, or HMB-1, is a submersible barge about 99 m (324 ft) long, 32 m (106 ft) wide, and more than 27 m (90 ft) tall. The HMB-1 was originally developed as part of Project Jennifermarker, the top-secret effort mounted by the Central Intelligence Agency to salvage the remains of the Soviet submarine K-129marker from the ocean floor. The HMB-1 was designed to be submerged under the Glomar Explorer to conceal any salvaged remains from Sovietmarker observers.

After the conclusion of Project Jennifer, the HMB-1 was mothballed at the Todd Shipyard in San Franciscomarker, Californiamarker until November, 1982. At that time, the United States Navy towed the huge barge to a Lockheed Martin facility in Redwood Citymarker, Californiamarker, where it became a floating drydock for the construction and sea trials of the Sea Shadowmarker, an experimental stealth ship being tested by the Navy. Sea trials of the Sea Shadow continued until 1986.


The HMB-1 currently sits in the reserve fleet in Suisun Bay near San Francisco, not far from where the Glomar Explorer itself once sat. It is easily visible from the I-680 freeway. 38° 4'9.82"N 122° 6'5.41"W

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  • Roy Varner and Wayne Collier "A Matter of Risk: The Incredible Inside Story of the CIA's Hughes Glomar Explorer Mission to Raise a Russian Submarine", 1978

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